The Desteni Group Secret to WORLD CHANGE – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 479

There is so many organizations out there promoting world change. Animal rights groups, gay rights, women rights, minority rights, human rights, religious rights, freedom of speech, identify protection rights, workers rights, prison rights, different bodies of governments, world peace organizations, ect… each one claiming to be for “world change” or “better life conditions”

Now what I want to discuss here is the difference between these groups, and who, we are, as the Desteni Group/ Equal Life Foundation, and for instance why no change has ever come despite the fact that there have been and continues to be many groups that are apparently standing for real change in this world, and so the point I want to bring out into the open here is the primary point that has been missed within these advocacy groups and how this point that has been missed is in fact part of the foundation of what we are busy doing with Desteni and Equal life foundation and the various initiatives that we are proposing such as a the Living Income Guarantee Proposal, and so why what we are proposing is in fact a genuine proposal for change within the context of a real Practical Approach to this that has yet to be considered by every other group out there claiming to be “standing for change” and who also in some instances even attacked what we are busy with at desteni where they will go and attempt to demonize us as if we are just some scam group, when the fact of the matter is we are not at all, and in fact have considered an absolutely integral component to world change that these other groups have actually missed. That component being SELF CHANGE.

The point that is not being understood by the various organizations around the world that are claiming their positions as bodies for change, the point not being understood is the relationship between who we are on an individual level and the greater system as a whole actually being a reflection of this “who we are” and so, in not realizing or seeing this, we have organizations attempting to create change but not going as far as actually having to make a changes within themselves in how they live and exist within their personal lives. And so there is all sorts of memorandums and rules and initiatives, and policies, and laws, and bills,  being proposed in terms of how to “change the system” though all the while no attention is being given to the actual nature of the human being and how each one is existing on a personal internal level so to speak, where one for instance identify and change the abuses existing within and as self on a fundamental level within the realization that Self as a System and Nature must change along side and with the changing of the system and the nature of the system at large.

The System, this world, is a reflection of who are on an individual internal level, though this ‘who we are’ on an internal level is not effectively being addressed in the policies and programs within this world attempting to change what is here.

Self interest is actually extensive in all of this where it’s so much easier to externalize the point of Change instead of having to actually bringing it ‘back to self’ and making a change in one’s daily personal life. Its much easier to just talk about change, and then blame the various branches within the system or relationships in the system that is apparently causing the problem, all the ‘talk’ is about the world system from an external perspective where no groups have yet to really bring together the point of world or system change and the change of self as the nature of self as 2 points which must work in unison with each other towards an actual real permanent change in this existence to for instance do something like ending poverty, or war, or starvation or animal abuse.

At Desteni we are busy with bringing together these 2 points and have been for some time. We realize that Self Change is a keystone to ultimately making any real substantial change within the world at large, and so we work with both sides of the coin, the inner and the outer processes of change.

It is important to really investigate who we are at desteni and what we are really bringing to the table. Its unfortunate that individuals are losing their capacity to really investigate a point for what it really stand for. I have encountered this numerous times over the years as I have witnessed various individuals and groups “attack” Desteni claiming all sorts of things that are simply not founded on anything real. In this, I have come to understand the inability which may even be an unwillingness of individuals to actually research something for real. Many groups have claimed to expose Desteni for what it really stand for – In fact the only ones that really expose desteni for real, are those who have realized that we are offering a Real Solution. I myself have exposed desteni. And what I have found is a practical platform for real change that is being offered no where else in this world. I dare you to expose desteni for real because what is cool about what we are doing is that at the core we are standing for actual real change. This is cool because then we do not have to exist in fear of someone or anything “finding out our hidden secrets” because at the core we are authentic and so actually want people to dig into what we are doing and find out everything possible. That is why we publish everything, we are here as a point of Support with no Hidden agenda. Our Agenda is actual real world change in all ways that is Best for ALL.




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