Facing the Education Cystem – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 480

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Today I watched a documentary called “The College Conspiracy”. The documentary from my perspective although it did bring into focus important considerations for one to look at around the point of our current education system, ended up forming an opinion and conclusion about our education system that I disagree with and do NOT see as a way forward as an actual solution for the problems that are existing within our educational system and that we as humanity are facing as the consequence of what we have allowed to manifest, in this case as our current education system.


I will start with some of the points that I do see as valid and important to take into consideration within the context of ‘college education’ that this documentary explored.


One of the more prominent points the documentary looked at in relation to the college education phase of our education system is the point of Student loans and the inflation of tuition costs where what is happening is that students are ending up in very ‘tough’ situations where they end up, yes, with a degree, but that this degree firstly is funded through government student loans resulting in crippling debt. Secondly, the education they received is not effective enough to actually prepare the student to in fact be effective and contribute in a substantial way within the world, and finally where the education they received and the degree they received is, in essence, mute in that there is in fact no jobs in the system aligned with the training they received, opening up the question that with the training and degree actually being  funded by/through the government, why would the government fund students in branches of the system where only a small fraction of them will actually ever be employed?, and so as is emphasized in the documentary, “what is really going on here” alluding to IF the interest of the student is really being fostered here within our education system or is this simply just another way for the rich to get richer so to speak.

We are all becoming more and more aware of the greed existing in the nature of the human being and the ways in which this is actually coming through more and more in our world system to the point where yes, as the documentary illustrates, this is even coming through in quite an obvious way, in what should be one of the most sacred of processes such as the educational process – that process which really determine the potential of ourselves as individuals and thus who we are as human beings, as humanity as a whole and what we are capable of in and as life on earth.

Now, where my perspective differ from this documentary is not in that there is a problem because there definitely is!, but rather in the proposed “way forward” where ultimately the documentary takes a more ‘dismissive’ standpoint in terms of ‘dismissing’ or even ‘outcasting’ our current education system In a way where one would simply “abandon ship” completely, but as I see it, doing this all to quickly instead of really thoroughly investigating or approaching the situation from the starting point of “working with what is here” , taking responsibility for what is here and working to correct it. After all it is our creation. And as many of you may have found out already in your live, if you put something off and put something off, it never actually “fix itself” eventually you must face it! And sometimes things seem so overwhelming but when one actually decide “ok I finally must face this now” it is not as big as it initially seemed.


So as the documentary impress the uselessness of a college degree urging students to instead of forgo this entire process and to head straight for the job market, even the stock market, and rather investing there money they would have spent on education into gold or silver as “sure bet” to turn a profit. I would disagree and rather suggest that a degree is not completely useless as I found to be the accusation within this film.

So ultimately this documentary even though it does open up some relevant problems existing within our current education system, really fail to actually present a practical effective Solution, but as I said just more align themselves with the “abandon ship” stance.

I would rather suggest to yes, consider the points the documentary is revealing, however to within this, not to simply now disregard the education system and for instance getting a college degree, but that rather one really do the research for themselves in terms of what kinds of jobs will in fact be required in our system in times to come and of course not simply trusting the ‘clean cut’ adds on billborads, bus-stops, tv, internet, ect… placed by the government or even the schools themselves about what jobs will be in high demand, but to make sure one do the research for oneself.

I suggest there is allot to be gained in a college education. Learning how to meet deadlines, Developing an effective reading and writing ability, and even for instance learning practical vocational skills in industries that are more stable in terms of there integrity to the system as a whole. So again here research is required. Just because a specific degree is offered, does not mean that there is a demand for such a job when one get a degree. I learned that quite clearly when I got a degree in Art. I mean I went to college where literally the entire college was being funded by student loans in degrees where in the end only something like 10 percent of the students would find jobs in their fields. That actually should be against the law.

So I would not simply abandon our current college education system. Like the documentary was alluding to.

I would argue there is still value in a college degree, depending on what that degree is, and also depending on how much one pay for that education. One must be practical with this. There is no point in accruing 75 thousand dollars in debt for a degree that could be attained for 10 or 15 or 20 thousand.


At the end of the day, there is a massive problem, not only with our education system, but our system as a whole. Abandoning our education system and instead investing your ‘would-have-been’ tuition money into stocks or gold is not a solution. We must look at the greater problem and approach the entire point of how to actually Correct our Total System and Restore it to a functional System where the various branches of this system, such as the Education or Money or Government systems are actually working in alignment with in fact facilitating an environment that support humanity to grow and expand and be the best that they can be.


Abandoning it and ignoring it is not the answer. In terms of the general layout of our system – its cool. The various branches are indeed important parts of our functional existence. Its just that they require to be realigned to actually be of benefit where for instance greed and self interest is removed as tenants of  these processes, and new principles based on equality and what is best for all must be the foundation of the eventual functionality of our system.


Yes it may seem like some points are too far gone. But if we abandon ship, that will not solve anything. We must work with what we have created and begin the process of correcting it, step by step.


So in the end here I disagree with the “way forward” given in this documentary in terms of how to address our current education system and system at large, I disagree with the “abandon ship” axiom.


I rather suggest a “working with what is here” and taking responsibility for what is here, for ‘what we have created’.

For more information on “the way forward” please investigate the ideas and proposals from the Equal Life Foundation Research Group – A group of individuals focused on supporting the betterment of all within principles of equality and what is truly indeed best for all.


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