Shampoo on my Toothbrush? – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 478

Another point that has been happening allot lately is I have been having allot of “Dimensional Shifts” where I will for instance go to put an empty glass in the fridge instead of in the dishwasher, and yesterday I nearly poured shampoo on my toothbrush – I had to laugh about that one though.

This is a point I see as a consequence of the relationship I have developed with my mind, where the mind has become and exist as that mental movie projection running in my head the entire time as I am walking/living throughout my day.

I have noticed this quite a bit recently actually where I suddenly catch myself and realize that I had just wandered off into my mind, into an alternate reality essentially thinking about some memory or playing out some situation in my mind and in this I end up completely removing myself from my actual physical reality because my attention is not here, it is rather ‘there’ in my mind, in an alternate existence, an alternate reality and then its like I am no more paying attention to what I actually doing where this is like becoming “more of a point” where its like I end up really “stepping out of” my physically reality and getting quite engaged and focused on the mental play-out within my mind.

I forgive myself for not accepting and allowing myself to place my attention fully here within and as this one reality that I am living in so that within this I can Direct myself effectively within this reality developing my ability to be absolutely specific within my daily self movement taking place in every moment, but have instead accepted and allowed myself to drift away into my mind, essentially becoming ignorant of what is actually taking place in the reality that I am standing in to the degree where I will forget what I am doing as I am doing it, and so thus by allowing myself to constantly and continuously be existing within my mind, in thoughts, in play-outs, in fantasies, in projections as the relationship that I have established with my mind, I become ineffective, clumsy and non-directive in my practical reality, and thus my life, this obviously thus having a consequence in terms of how my life actually play-out.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to “fight for my mind” from the perspective of existing within the statement “but I need and require my mind, as thoughts, pictures, fantasies, play-outs,” and that “these are important” instead of assisting and supporting myself to walk in Breath, breath by breath moment by moment, and assisting and supporting myself to Align my Living to be a Physical Living, where my attention and self awareness is HERE as myself as my physical body here in this reality.

I commit myself to assist and support myself to slow myself down within and as myself through using breath as a tool to support me to be here in this physical reality where I challenge myself to really live and walk HERE in this one reality paying attention to the moment I am within and as, and thus assisting and supporting myself to stop “being distracted” by my mind as those, pictures, play-outs, fantasies , which I suddenly “snap out of” realizing that I had been participating within without my even being aware of it.

I commit myself to identify moments where “I want to participate in a thought, play-out, memory, fantasy, and to in such moments, deliberately stop myself and remain here in the moment bringing myself/my attention to myself Here in and as the physical moment, and thus in such moments, push myself to test if “I really need to participate in such memories, thoughts, play-outs, fantasies,” that I seem to think I must participate in and that such things are actually important, and so here I commit myself to observe the affects this has on my life to test to see if participating in such points within the mind is in fact actually required for me to Live/Exist in a Fulfilling and Effective manner. And ultimately here I commit myself to within doing this, assist and support myself to Align Myself to Physical Living, and thus ‘stepping out of’ my pre-accepted, and pre-conditioned relationship that I have accepted and allowed myself to exist within towards my mind where its like , my mind is virtually the only thing I am thinking about, participating with the entire time. And so thus change this relationship of “where I exist” from “out of the mind” and Into the physical and thus Bringing Myself HERE.

I commit myself to assist and support myself to when I wake up in the morning to when I wake up to not accept and allow myself to “immediately go into my mind” which is what I normally do as a kind of initial retreat from reality, from actually getting up. I see that there is no actual practical usage of doing this, but I actually do this as a form of retreat and escape from reality and from “having to get up” in the morning and so here I commit myself to assist and support myself to when I open my eyes in the morning to take one breath and immediately direct myself to get up and out of bed, assisting and supporting myself here with Practical Self Movement in alignment with Physical Reality, and thus assisting and supporting myself to change/stop the relationship that I have established to the mind where this had become my primary relationship within my life to the point where my actual physical reality was secondary which I see had an impact and influence eventually on my ability to actually live effectively in this physical reality as I was more and more being consumed by and through and into my mental reality instead of learning how to be effective at Living and Directing Myself Here within a point of effectiveness, stability, clarity,  here in and as this physical reality.


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