Harm Money on Earth – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 477

Today when I got home from work, I looked up at the sky. I noticed that we are indeed inside on this one  singular planet. And that what we create has an affect, a consequence on this planet. Our planet is a closed system from within which we will either destroy ourselves and the planet, destroy ourselves, or we will change our current way of existence and actually live in harmony with each other and this earth.

Being on this planet with 10 billion people is actually kind of an interesting opportunity. An opportunity for use to see what we create, where the planet is constantly giving us feedback on what we are creating and how we are living. And so it becomes clear when we are not in harmony but in fact in conflict and friction, because that manifest, that show as a physical result on our planet like for example with diminishing resources, global warming, more extreme weather patterns, starvation ect,  that at the moment if one were to step back and have a look at the greater picture would see great destruction currently taking place as the direct result of who we are and how we are living as humanity.

When the planet flourish and thrive and restore unto itself its natural resources this will be again a consequence, a direct result of our relationship that we as human beings have with this planet.

The planet is showing us who we are.

It reflects back to us exactly what we accept and allow ourselves to create and right now it is showing us the absolute fuck up that we are creating as Life.

On earth human beings fight amongst themselves and we are constantly living in conflict within ourselves, and with each other, each one trying to assert opinions and apparently correct and just value systems onto each other while all this do is generate friction and conflict and war and suffering. I mean Imagine the following scenario…

You have a sibling.

And you and that sibling get into an argument and so your parent locks the both of you in the same room and says “you are not coming out until you can get along”

You might initially fight and struggle with each other but eventually you realize the stupidity in that and also realize the common sense in establishing a harmony together because after all its your lives.

That is exactly like planet earth on the moment – We are all here, we are all in this together, we can continue fighting and fucking up the earth until its too late, or we can start to get along and just end the game of who’s right and who’s wrong and just start living in common sense in a way where harmony exist.

Best here to consider Equality as the foundation within moving forward so that we can establish a sustainable life on earth. At the moment we are not sustainable on this planet, and that is no ones fault but ourselves as humanity, and so we must take responsibility for this and start investigation solutions for the Massive problem that exist.

I suggest also to investigate the “Living Income Guarantee” being proposed by the equal life foundation research team. This is a Proposal outlining principles and solutions for the development of a New World System that is based on principles of Equality and doing what is best for all. Do not take my word for it – Research it –  and see for yourself. Equal Life Foundation is a Serious Group of Individuals who are actually Aligning themselves with taking responsibility for what is here as our total existence.

The time has come to do this because frankly if we continue as is, it should be clear by now that we as humanity will simply not make it. But, we ARE able to “make it” though this will require a massive change in the foundation of who have become and have always existed as here on earth to the degree where we will be hardly if at all recognizable when we are done with this, I mean to actually live in harmony with each other, instead of harming each other over money is such a drastic change that you may not even recognize yourself…that is a good thing.

For more information visit – The “Living Income Guarantee” website


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