Guiding Principles in Self Creation – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 476

Question - Comical Sense

So in my last blog I left off communicating about the Self-Creation process as that point which should be considered within the definition of the word Artist, essentially taking here the definition of the word artist and expanding it to now encompass this dimension of the Self Creation process where one literally create the artwork that is self, starting from birth with a ‘blank canvas’ which then one breath by breath, moment by moment mold, shape, define, color, and ultimately create into and as who self is and becomes as thought, word, deed, mind and flesh.

Now what I want to continue with here in this blog is taking a look at how to in fact ‘create a masterpiece’ because firstly, the problem now is, is that individuals are not and have not actually been at all aware of this Self Creation process in terms of how we are actually doing this where instead this was something that more just happened automatically where you’d have some beings exploring this phenomena of self creation though ultimately it end up still remaining and existing as just that – a phenomenon, which the Webster’s dictionary defines as:


“something (such as an interesting fact or event) that can be observed and studied and that typically is unusual or difficult to understand or explain fully”


So what I want to give some direction to here is how to actually create oneself in terms of “what to paint?”

What do I create?

That is a typical question that any Artist ask themselves staring into the stark white of an empty page.

So in looking at the point of “Self-Creation” there is a similar question “what do I create?” or “Who do I create myself do be and thus my world and ultimately the world as a whole?”

To begin to get an idea of this Self-Creation process in terms of how to actually structure the point so that one truly do create a self masterpiece, I would suggest to begin by  investigating the “Desteni I Process Lite”. “Desteni I Process Lite” is a free course that is designed to support individuals who are interested in this self creation process and who are indeed truly interested in how to create a better self so to speak. Desteni I Process lite is an introductory course to this process of Self Creation and introduces some of the core tools and principles one is able to integrate into their daily practical lives to assist and support themselves in their process of Self Creation. DIP Lite introduces tools such as  Self-Writing, Self Forgiveness, Self Corrective Application, Self-Honesty, Equality, Self Responsibility, Breath, The Physical, and more.

For more information please visit  – Desteni I Process Lite.

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DIP Lite – Free Online Course to get you started with learning the Tools of Self Support
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