A Living Masterpiece – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 475

Information Roots, Pencil, Acrylic on Paper, 16x20in, 2009


I would now like to take the time to bring through an important aspect of Art and Artists that has actually been missed in this world.

I am certain that many of you reading this have at some point in your lives come across the phrase “we are all artists” or simply, the point that for instance everybody has their unique talent or gift and are creative and thus an Artist in their own right where this term should not only be designated to describe for instance the painter standing at the easel, but to also encompass the artistry in all walks of life. Now, I am actually not here to talk about this. This is not what I mean by “We Are ALL Artists”

What I would like to bring through into the awareness of individuals is the actuality of how we are all in fact Artists and that our current accepted and allowed definition of art does not/has not encompassed this understanding and so thus is currently operating in a very limited sphere of potential. And so I am  here support the expansion of this definition of what it means to be an Artist because our current version of an Artist really fail in comparison to this new dimension I am about to begin introducing and that from my perspective is what really should be considered and lived by all in terms of bringing our current accepted view/definition of ‘artists’ into a new application, expression and living that will overall enhance ourselves and our living reality actually in a much more substantial way than how what our current accepted definition of art/artists is doing which is more and more becoming merely a point of entertainment and decoration than really enhancing our lives on earth.

Ok so what needs to be understood and considered is the Creative Process of ‘Self Creation’. Here each one stand as their own Artist in the process of creating themselves individually and so thus collectively the world as a whole.

From this perspective we are all actually Artists as we all carry the exact same responsibility act and ability of Self Creation.

One point I became aware of a few years ago which has now become more clear, is the relationship between who I am and what I create as my external art pieces such as paintings, sculptures, drawings etc. Now, I just so happened to fall into our current definition of what an ‘artist’ is, however don’t be distracted by this. The relationship is the same with everyone in terms of who they are in relation to what they create or essentially how they express, move, apply themselves in their external lives, the fundamental creative process actually being the process of self creation of who one is and how they exist within and as themselves where from there they then go on to become a doctor or an artist or a cook and express themselves through that particular skill providing various products and services.

What is being missed is the actual process of Self Creations as the process within which one actually creates themselves inside themselves moment by moment breath by breath.

We all have the same tools, we have the physical body, we have the mind, we have our thoughts. We have the words we speak, we have our actions, ect.  When we are born we are given our canvas like a blank slate and then as we grow we begin the process of creating ourselves just like an Artist would start from nothing and paint a masterpiece. The problem is, if we really look at who we are and who we have created ourselves to be on an individual level there is no masterpieces that is actually existing. We have created ourselves within all kinds of patterns of abuse, judgements, deficiencies, limitations, deceptions, maxims that only serve self interest, fears, Jealousies, insecurities, conflict, anger, ect… And as a result, the world around us then thus take on this mold as well as we imprint and essentially duplicate who we are as individuals, and thus as a collective into and onto and as this world as the exact reflection of who we are.

Now its fascinating if you look at what actually exist in this world and the atrocities that are everywhere. I mean even taking the most obvious form of abuse and conflict such as war which is the biggest industry in the world, and so how could one logically defend themselves and say “I have not contributed to this”? And this is another point of awareness which we as individuals must start to develop is the relationship we have with our external reality in ALL its parts and how we are contributing to that on an individual ‘inner’ level. For instance if we really have a look at the nature of our thoughts on a day to day level or the nature of our experience. I mean if one really Self Honesty look at ones experience within themselves it is not actually roses and smiley faces, there is actually at times allot of frustration or friction or inner conflict,  thus essentially an inner war. Now I am not saying its like this all the time, though I find many can relate to what I am describing as ones inner experience that at times they find themselves within.

We are all artists and we are creating ourselves in every moment as we decide what we participate within ourselves which then become a part of what we express and live in our lives.

I realized that when ever I made a piece of art that it was always an exact reflection of who I am and that is ultimately in essence what I would be placing out there into the world. That for me, was the real ‘soul’ of my art, so to speak. This “who I am” is the real ‘soul’ that was infused into all my art pieces and was my REAL MESSAGE that I was Living. In realizing this, I realize the importance of Self Change and Taking Responsibility for myself and creating myself in a way that is really honoring and contributing to Life in fact, because that is what I would prefer to have as the essence of my art that I create as the absolute exact reflection of who I am.

Art today is beside the point, it is in a way irrelevant compared to the actual real Creative Process that each of us is responsible for as the process of Self Creation on an Individual Level that is taking place in every moment, with each beat of our heart. This is where Real Artistry exist, and we are all equal in this.

Thus we must shift our attention and focus and awareness and bring into the fold this new dimension of what it means to be an Artist, because in this way we are ALL Standing on an Equal Platform from which to express ourselves as Artists in really supporting ourselves to first start to develop an awareness of how we are actually creating ourselves from moment to moment.

I mean, so much of this “Self Creative” process we have allowed to happen in a way automatically where we were not actually ‘HERE’ and Self Aware in this Self Creation Process, and so this is the point that we all must start to ALIGN within ourselves and getting to the point of Taking Complete Responsibility for our Self Creation Process in how we are creating ourselves in every moment. At this stage it’s like one day we wake up and I’ts like “how the fuck did I become this?” “How did I get here?” were are yet not at the same time of how we actually end up in the lives we find ourselves in. its like we created ourselves but we didn’t really know what we were doing and so it just kind of happened without us being a part of that process at all, and we end up later in life stuck in patterns that we developed early on in life that we did not really understand how such points would play-out later in life and create various different problems.

No more is the term/definition of “Artist” limited to just a fraction of the population. Rather let’s get down to business and bring this new dimension of ‘Art’ and what it means to be an ‘Artist’ into the Fold and thus start to actually bring some Real Substance and Value into the meaning of an Artist. So here we are expanding our understanding of what it means to be an Artist to where now it encompass Everyone on the planet. This point is critical. We actually REQUIRE each and every single individual here to actually start moving themselves as an Artist in the process of Self Creation and really learning how we are creating ourselves and our reality. Everyone has an equal role to play as they are occupying a space/point in our planet and thus is actually standing/existing as that ‘creative force’ if you will. As that “Creation Mechanism” The medium is no more paint on canvas, it is the components of the human being, of the physical flesh, the mind, the thoughts, the physical body. That which we all use as our components with which we create who we are and what is here as life, in other words, how we create our reality.

If we want our world as a whole to be a masterpiece, we must first start with ourselves and create ourselves into our own masterpieces.

So, I make paintings, but that is not the real art, that is not the real creative process, that is a skill I learned, like plumbing, or engineering, or teaching, the real artistic expression is the process of self creation that comes before the fact and is actually happening in every moment. That point has been missed.  My Artistic Ability, just as the Artistic Ability of each one is actually existent on a much more fundamental level of our existence than we have considered. And it is here, within the Self-Creation Process that the Value of Artistic Expression integral to all human beings exist.

Now the next important question here is how then do we create ourselves. How then do we become participants and directors of our own creative process. Its like, so far we have allowed this process to be automated and so for instance allowed something like media and entertainment and popular culture guide and direct us and become our foundation in our process of self creation. Now we must Stand within a point of Directing Ourselves and our own Self Creation Process…But how? How do we do this if we have never done it before. Its like “what do I aim for” So in my next blog I will introduce/explore the point of what can be utilized within this process of Self Creation in terms of guidelines and principles that will assist and support self with becoming the best that one can be, this, ensuring that once one decide to take Self Responsibility for themselves and their Self Creation Process that they actually do this I a way where they really do create themselves and this world into a Living Masterpiece.

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