Living Double Lives – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 474

I enjoy my job…at times. It is not perfect. I do not expect it to be perfect. It is a ‘real’ job in the ‘real world’ meaning, it is sometimes tough, where I would prefer things to be different, and some days it seems hopeless while others it is fruitful.

The line that I am walking at the moment is essentially I am applying myself within more than one job opportunity and so from a certain perspective my time is split in a way between 2 different realities.

Lately I have found this to be tricky.

Why tricky?

Well, I will tell you.

Because I have found I will get stuck in one job reality and its hard to pull myself away to start moving myself in the other one. Its like I don’t want to let go.  Now as I am writing this I saw what I was writing as a limitation where the question is – Does it really have to be this way?

I mean why can I not just move from one point to the next, from one moment to the next moment where I leave the previous moment behind and move fresh into the next moment without still accepting and allowing myself to have one eyeball trying to glance backwards not yet really wanting to let the previous moment go.


I am busy currently with moving and applying myself within 2 different job opportunities and there is pros and cons of each one. And the difficulty I am finding and am here to look at Solutions for is how to effectively manage both of these opportunities effectively. Its kind of like when get out of the shower and then water gets all over the floor of your bathroom – its like 2 different realities mixing where you bring the baggage from one reality into the other.

As I was writing this another example of this that came up is like how when one wake up in the morning it is like that process of moving from one reality, the sleeping one, into a new reality, the waking one, and that transition can be sometimes unpleasant, like, eeeeeeehhhhhhh maaaan but I want to sleeeeeep, Ok but seriously, I have had periods in my life where I was much more effective and directive at moving from this sleep reality to the waking reality, where I would just get up and be immediately moving and directing myself in waking reality with very little residual influence of sleeping reality affecting my functionality in the waking reality, so I see I can use this as a practical example  that I have already shown I am able to move myself effectively, clearly, and immediately  in moving from one point to the next even where the 2 points are seemingly very different to each other.

So I see that for me to walk these 2 different job opportunities effectively I must assist and support myself to simply be directive with myself in terms of “letting go of the previous moment reality” and allowing myself to move into the next moment reality without wanting to hang onto what I was just doing. I have been finding that when I am busy with one of those those 2 jobs opportunities that I am speaking of that I get really engrossed within it where it like becomes my total reality and its almost as if the other reality disappears. And then when I move into the other Job point, the other one disappears. So the difficulty has been pulling myself out of one Job Reality and moving myself into the other Job Reality, it is really like when one must rip oneself out of the sleeping reality and into the waking reality because it is time to get up now.

So I see here that the point I must work with is assisting and supporting myself within this transition more effectively so that its not a “ripping away” that is taking place, but instead supporting myself in this so that it is more of a Direct and Simple transition, simply letting go of the past and moving into the next moment Fully Here and ready to direct in full attention.


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