The “It will never work out” Personality/Character – An Artists Journey To Life: 471

Feeling Blue

Ok so my car has not been running that great for the past while and so for quite a while now I have been participating in various reactions while I am driving my car or specifically when ever I see my car, like for instance when I see my car in the morning as I walk out of my building and towards my vehicle. I can see that I will always have these quick thoughts that will come up within me as I move towards my car and so here have decided to map out the particular Character Dimensions of what occurs within and as me in relation to my car from the perspective of the particular Character I access and step into in relation to my car.


Fear Dimension

Ending up in a situation where my car breaks down and I have no means of transportation and not enough money to get another vehicle.

Thought Dimension

Seeing myself in the winter walking to work, where it is like white and snowy and I don’t have a car.

See myself taking the bus, like me standing at the bus stop

Backchat Dimension

I need a new car

This car is going to break down

How much longer is this car going to last me

I wish I had a new vehicle

A new car would make my life so much easier

Where am I/ How am I going to get the money

Its not fair

I am never going to be able to get a new car

Nothing ever works for me

Imagination Dimension

Imagine someone else surprising me by giving me money for a new car

See myself in the future but with the exact same care and still no change in my situation and means to purchase a new car

Imagine others driving there nice new vehicles/trucks

See myself driving in a nice new reliable vehicle

Reaction Dimension

Self Pity

Experience a drop within myself






feel overall weaker within myself like my whole body and self goes weaker


Behavior Dimension

mouth frowns

shoulders drop slightly


For a detailed description of the different dimensions of ones personalities/characters please read – “Character Dimensions – Introduction”


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