Emotional Learning VS Physical Stability – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 468

During the past few days I have been learning about early childhood development and one point in particular that has been explained is the aspect of “emotional learning” or where for instance when a child learns a particular word though within learning the definition of that word ends up associating a specific emotion to that word instead of simply integrating the meaning of the word without a positive or negative emotional charge because for instance a child could end up connecting a ‘negative emotional charge’ to a particular word which then in turn would affect the child’s development throughout there life.

Now what I found most interesting about my research during the past few days is actually my own emotional experience while studying over the material that I am learning.

It has been a long time since I was in school and in a position where I was memorizing information. As I went through the information I was noticing in various instances where I would react to a particular word where then instead of simply being here and walking through the line of information I was learning, I would react emotionally to a particular word and end up in my mind somewhere in some alternate reality within myself thinking about something completely different than the information that was right in front of me and thus my emotional experience coming up was actually compromising my ability to actually be here with the information I was learning and simply focusing on that alone.

What I also noticed is how as I was focusing my attention on learning the material that suddenly a thought would come up related to my day or some point within my world which I had attached an emotional experience towards, and this point would like suddenly come up out of know where and suddenly I would now be occupied or worried about this particular point. Sometimes the experience like for instance ‘worry’ was quite intense to the degree of actually really distracting me from what I was doing and preventing me from really being present within the point I was working with.

So it was fascinating to actually see the problem that occurs through one building emotional reactions into ones reality in terms of how they navigate and associate with their reality, others, and events that take place in their world. We have situated everything on a sliding scale of either good or bad and what I have noticed is that these emotional experiences of either positive or negative energy which I have connected to my world actually end up overwhelming me or distracting me to the point where I actually cannot focus as effectively on the task at hand because there is like this experience happening inside me that is vying for my attention.

Thus this re-emphasize the importance of assisting and supporting myself to align myself to physical reality and not to emotions and feelings. Which has been the process I have been walking now for many years where I have been learning about how our mind actually function and what is really happening inside oneself when one is having a positive or negative experience. And essentially have been supporting myself to align myself and my living to a physical living that is stable instead of an emotional living that is cause for much instability because eventually individuals are simply no more able to handle and manage their inner emotional experiences that end up really affecting their performance and effectiveness within their lives.

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