The Building of Burdens – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 464

Yesterday In my blog I was looking at the point of where I have been experiencing quite a heavy resistance in the morning when waking up and getting out of bed. A point that I opened up at the very end of the blog that actually opened up within me when I was re-reading the blog before I posted it was a point related to how I actually have created that heavy resistance that ‘hit me’ in the mornings when I become aware that I am awake.

What I see is that one way I am feeding, generating and building this resistance is through by allowing myself to ‘put things off’. For instance, I am going through my day and a point come up that ‘I don’t want to do’ and so I will ‘put it off’ and essentially carry if over to the next moment or next day, and then so I go each day continuing to ‘put things off’ and ‘put things off’ with not real structured plan of when I will direct these tasks and so then they start piling up until my total world becomes saturated with these points that “I didn’t/don’t want to do” where then It becomes increasingly difficult to “get up and face the day” especially with ease, because I have essentially pilled all the stuff that I didn’t want to do over to the next day which is the day I am faced with when I wake that morning. So I see how by accepting and allowing myself to continue that application of “putting things off” that this will created an added pressure on me when entering into my next day because now I am still ‘dealing with’ points that could have already been directed from previous days.

I also have noticed that this ‘resistance experience’ can be related to even 1 single point. So for example where it is not a point that I have carried over numerous times from days past but is a point for instance that I only carried over 1 day, I see this normally is related to how I have defined particular events because I react much more to some points than others – Though the correction is the same which is to not accept and allow that ‘reaction’ to the point influence me in terms of me Facing that point and giving it direction and clarity where now what I see myself doing is going into “avoidance” instead of facing the point.

Overall I see that I can assist and support myself to start deconstructing that resistance I experience each morning by taking a “prevention is the best cure” approach where here I stop accepting and allowing myself to “put things off” but rather Direct/Move/Will myself to Direct tasks in the moment or immediately or as soon as a space open up and stop ‘putting things off’ so easily.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to ‘play down’ the application of ‘putting things off’ where I will make it seem like such a small thing that I am doing by brushing the point off where I make it seem like “its not big deal” meanwhile in that moment I see exactly what I am doing as the point of postponing a point or task due to an “energetic reaction” I am having towards the tasks/points at hand.

I see, realize, and understand that by accepting and allowing myself to exist within this application pattern of “putting things off” instead of directing them immediately, or pointedly when a moment opens up, that I am building a point of resistance to my reality as I am essentially taking a point/task that I had negative reaction towards and placing it into a future moment and then through repeating this am stockpiling all these tasks that I have defined as ‘negative’ until I end up no more wanting to face my reality because all that is here is all these ‘negatively defined’ tasks that I put off and put off and so thus I end up creating a resistance to my reality.  I see that I can assist and support myself to start to direct this resistance that I have created within myself towards my reality by stopping the application of postponing doing tasks that come up during my day to do, but that I just put off and put off and really end up ignoring as long as I can where in stopping this and taking a more engaging stance in terms of Directing Points Immediately, I can assist and support myself to stop stocking piling such a heavy burden onto myself that I experience in the morning as a form of resistance to getting up and facing the day,

I commit myself to assist and support myself to Direct Myself to complete tasks immediately and completely when and as they come up within my reality where here I commit myself to stop accepting and allowing myself to go into the pattern of automatically going into postponement and ‘putting the task off for later or tomorrow or another time’ where in putting these tasks off my real intention is to actually just ignore it where I will just “put the task off” but will have no time table in place for when exactly I will direct that particular point, and so also I commit myself to when and as tasks come up where it is not practical to do it in the moment, to when this occur, push myself to find and specify a time/space for when I will do it, instead of just “brushing it off “ with not real plan to give the point direction. And so to within this assist and support myself to move myself from a point of “putting things off” into a point/application/walking/STANDING of Actively Doing/Giving Direction to the Tasks within my life in a practical, consistent and organized way so that in this I stop ‘stockpiling’ all the things I resist doing and thus in simply directing points consistently as they come up or in a planned way I assist and support myself to stop creating and building a heavy burden out of my life/reality existing as “all the points I am avoiding” where its like my total life just become one big point that I want to avoid.

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