Food Stamps Highlight Ineffective Social Policy – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 459

So I have been following the story of the recent bill that was passed in the house of representatives that will see 40 billion dollars in cuts to the food stamp program.

 Here are some reports following the story


Obviously the food stamp program is not an actual solution designed to uplift individuals in the system to point of empowerment. Its more existing as a “last line of defence” or safety net for those at risk of falling deeper into poverty.

What I find interesting here about this 40 billion in cuts is the “Point of Focus”. What do I mean about the “’Point of Focus”?

The new reforms to the food stamp program will now make it more difficult for people to enroll to essentially prevent people from “taking advantage of the system” My question is,

how could someone who is in a position within this system to even qualify for food stamps no matter how easy, be in a position to be “taking advantage of the system” ?

Our current system is not designed to support ALL individuals with a dignified life. If you look at the distribution of resources it is grossly unequal. Those that have more than enough resources would be the ones “taking advantage of the system” would they not? Or those in a position of security who are unwilling to challenge the current system out of fear of ending up with those in the system in positions of suffering.

If the resources and money was shared equally among all citizens we’d ALL actually have enough.

In terms of “taking advantage of the system” – you have the individuals such as politicians making fat salaries voting on policies to keep happy or rather just barely surviving, the majority of the people who either work in the system doing the less luxurious jobs for minimal pay or who are completely abandon by the system all together where they have no job and virtually no income.

From a comfortable politicians chair it might be easy to say that people should stop taking advantage of the social programs these politicians put in place to protect their paycheque, but I mean where is the incentive to go out and find a job working at McDonalds 40 hours a week to make not even enough money to actually live on?

Social programs like food stamps exist as a crutch. It exist as a prop to keep our current system turning.

The real sources of the problems and developing ACTUAL SOLUTIONS is not being addressed.

What has changed about the job market?

What has changed about minimum wage?

What has changed about access to education?

I have been on the job market for many years. I must say for one who was not fortunate to be born into a position of money like most – the crop of potential jobs out there in our system is not something that really make you jump out of bed in the morning excited to go out and get yourself a job.

The total and entire functioning of our system must be addressed and changed.

A system DESIGNED from the starting point of EQUALITY – To provide a dignified life for all. This is what our current system should be producing. Currently our system is producing a flow of resources that is grossly unequal, with only a fraction of the population being provided with a dignified life where the majority is existing in survival, poverty, and suffering.

The Food Stamps program is simply there to keep the poor alive so that the system can still function. It is not really designed to help. I mean to really help someone is to empower them within their lives in a stable consistent repeatable way.

Equal Life Foundation Research Team is busy designing a New System based in principles that our current system should have been based on, namely Equality!

I would strongly suggest investigating Guaranteed Basic Income being proposed by the Desteni Group. This is a policy designed as an ACTUAL TOTAL SOLUTION.

Let’s put an end to short-sighted polices that is NOT actually addressing the real core problems of the system and lets stop wasting our time.

Invest your time and attention in Real Solutions that will actually make a difference in this world.

If you don’t like wasting your time then please Investigate and Research

 Guaranteed Basic Income  

economists journey to life 


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