The Accumulation of Small Mistakes – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 455

Today I went to a coffee shop to get a coffee. I had decided that I would get a specialty coffee which I do every once and a while. When the barista handed me the coffee she said the name of the coffee I ordered and it was not the kind I ordered. I took the coffee anyways and said thank-you knowing that there may have been a mix up. It was interesting because in that moment when I herd the incorrect name being spoken there was an immediate awareness of a mis-communication happening but it was like automatically I simply took the coffee and rathered not say anything about the mix up and just “be fine” with the coffee I was given.


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to take an order that was incorrect because I was to afraid to stop in that moment and clarify the order was not correct to then have the correction made where instead of doing this, I went into a point of submission where I accepted within myself that “its too late” that “there is nothing that can be done” that “I should just take it” and to within this actually compromised myself where in this case I took something that I actually did not like and knew clearly that I did not like the order that was being mistakenly given to me but I took it anyways.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear stirring up conflict with other human beings and to within and as myself allow that fear to direct and control me in my living expression where I will end up compromising myself/my life rather than stir up conflict that may or may not even occur.

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to immediately go into submission in relation to ensuring that the points I am participating in are Clear and Direct where when a discrepancy or mis-communication occur I will actually allow that discrepancy and/or mis-communication because Id rather not “cause a fuss” or “stir up conflict” where in this I am accepting and allowing a “Fear of Conflict” to direct me to the degree where my submission in such instances has become automated where I will in doing this compromise myself and my life in and as the function, flow, organization and clarity of and as my life.

I forgive myself that I didn’t accept and allow myself to in the moment I realized /seen the mis-communication taking place, Stop and immediately address the mis-communication and re-direct the point into a point of clarity, but instead went into submission and then immediately justified my submission by speaking the statement within me, “It is just a hassle to correct” or “it’s too late now” or “ it will take too much time now” or “I don’t want to inconvenience someone else” but then what ends up happening is that I will compromise myself through by inconveniencing myself and also I am not supporting the other person either in identifying points of mis-communication so that interactions flow smoothly where as support it is identified where mistakes are being made by either myself or another because now, that being I was interacting with today may have to go through the point of making the same mistake again before someone else corrects them and them realizing that they are not walking in a specific and clear way within themselves within their functioning and thus are actually also accepting a lesser version of what they are capable of living and expressing.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear inconveniencing someone where in I am essentially submitting myself before them making the statement that their time is more valuable than mine where I will gladly inconvenience myself to make sure that no points of conflict or friction come up within interactions, ultimately because I am to afraid of what their reaction might be towards me if I stop the flow of the interaction to correct a point which is the point of actually slowing Self down in a way where mistakes are not being made or accepted and allowed to 1 by 1 accumulate into larger problems down the road and so I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed mistakes exist within my life where I have essentially submitted to these such mistakes where I clearly see they have been made or there is points that is not understood but am ‘submitting’ to this from the perspective of not facing them, addressing them and taking the time to correct them, one reason being is because I have accepted and allowed myself to define doing this as “taking to much time” which is here indicating that I am accepting and allowing myself to exist in more of a ‘mind state’ of ‘haste’ or ‘rushing’ where I am not effectively assisting and supporting myself to firstly take the time to Correct the mistakes that have already been made and secondly to slow myself down in my breath by breath walking/living to initially realize, its ok to actually address these mistakes already made and to spend the time to correct them, as well as to in slowing myself down, greatly reduce the mistakes I make especially the ones that can be avoided in the first place.

I commit myself to stop accepting and allowing myself to submit to mistakes which in relation to the points I am writing out here is the point of submitting to fear as the fear of conflict but I also see it is overall related to a point of ‘haste’ which is used as a convenient excuse to “not have to face a point of conflict”.

I commit myself to assist and support myself to limit the mistakes I accept and allow myself to make within my world as I realize that all the small mistakes I allow to pass by without correction ultimately lead up to a more larger problem or dysfunction, as well as every time I allow myself to ‘submit’ to a mistake where instead of immediately addressing it and where I allow it to just ‘pass by’ I am essentially practicing, preparing and conditioning myself to make mistakes which is common sensically a pre-cursor to allowing larger and larger mistakes to “pass on by” without immediately directing myself to correct and re-align such points to clarity and in a way that is practically effective and best for all, because obviously a highly functioning being/point that does not allow discrepancy after discrepancy to take place within their self expression/function would actually be best for all and a benefit to Life and particularly to the development of a world system that “for some reason” has millions dying of starvation if not being bombed and abused by their own countries and others, where “no one seem to know how that happened” but I see how this can be connected to this point of ‘neglect’ where people will see or notice things that “aren’t right” or “incorrect”, essentially noticing mistakes taking place but will just “allow them anyways” because apparently “its not worth the time” to correct them and then as such we create a completely dysfunctional world system that is riddled with mistakes because this is a perfect reflection of our own lives where we do this daily in our breath by breath living which I see I have accepted and allowed myself to do and so am here to re-assert my position within this application of ‘submitting to mistakes’ and to re-assert myself to firstly assist and support myself to Slow myself down in my breath by breath Living so that as I walk I am walking from the starting point of making sure I am actually assisting and supporting myself to operate to my highest potential where I work towards this by aligning myself to walk slowly enough that I am simply making allot less mistakes that happen when one walk/live in haste, and to here also when and as I see a mistake taking place to in such moments actually make the effort to stop myself and address the mistake being make and align it to a point of clarity where in doing this I am assisting and supporting myself to become more effective within myself within my daily living and stop accepting and allowing myself to exist within and as a lesser version of myself that ultimately is living in submission and “not caring” for myself by really making the best out of my life and my daily functioning where I actually move/direct myself to see what I am really capable of where I start with this point of stopping my acceptance and allowance of mistakes to exist within my life moving and directing myself to a point of Self Perfection.

I commit myself to stop mistakes from ‘flowing’ into my life where in moments when I see a mistake is being made or a mis-communication is taking place I will just “go with the flow” instead of stopping in that moment and immediately address the point/mistake and correcting it and so I commit myself to direct the flow of my life and thus within this no more accepting what I have accepted and allowed as taking a submissive position to mistakes/mis-communications taking place where this submissive position simply only facilitate the flow of mistakes into my life and into the lives of others and is of benefit to no one actually.

I commit myself to assist and support myself to rather address and realign mistakes and mis-communications taking place in the moment and in this face my fear as the ‘perception’ that “this will inconvenience someone”


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