One Breath, One Step at a Time – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 453

My inner experience is such a mess. I am so irritated – the same shit cycling over and over. Nobody cares about me. But the question is, do I care about myself? How do I care about myself? I just want to sleep because then I don’t have to face this big question mark that has become my life. Life = Li?e.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to want to cry because  “I don’t know which way to go”.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to feel so powerless and so hopeless in my life.

I forgive myself for not accepting and allowing myself to realize the simplicity in the solution in terms of simply sticking to a day by day application, assisting and supporting myself to stop participating in my mind in every breath where I do this and do my daily writings, sticking to a process of walking baby steps one breath at a time which over time build-up and become a bigger accumulation where I see it is not one big realization that change everything but small incremental steps that do accumulate.

I commit myself to stick to baby steps and stick to breath as I realize that each breath is an opportunity to support myself and to do something supportive.

I commit myself to focus on one moment at a time. Where when I find an experience of anxiety or hopelessness coming up within me I in this moment stop and look within the moment, within that breath, what can I do that will be of assistance and support to myself where this does not have to be a miracle cure but that it simply has to be a point in simplicity that I can do in that moment as a direction point to support myself as I see that it is these moments, these simple points I can support myself within as small steps that eventually produce a more comprehensive solution. And so I commit myself to ‘simple solutions’ that I see I can do in and as each moment as each breath that I am here and to utilize this point of walking breath by breath doing simple acts, simple self supportive points, like directing one thought for instance where I decided in a moment to stop participating in even one thought, to doing writing or even organizing some part/point of my physical reality, where here I don’t have to move mountains to support myself but that I can simply start with taking it one breath at at time and walking simple solutions as step by step as I continue walking each breath in this way, it eventually accumulate.

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