‘Basic Income Guarantee’ a Total Education Solution – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 447

England has introduced a new program that will see 15 hours a week of free childcare given to 2 year olds who’s families earnings are less than £16,190 a year. The government says it is investing £534m this year in the childcare service for two-year-olds and £760m next year. – you can read the full article here – http://www.theguardian.com/money/2013/sep/02/free-childcare-two-year-olds

So here we have a program aimed at supporting “youngsters to get a bright start in life” though I would say that what can also be seen here is the degree in which we as a collective have distanced ourselves from actually being able to provide Real Lasting Support in ensuring not only that the basic needs of our lives are met but that we are living and developing in a way that really see us access our full potential.

To facilitate such a development of the human being, I suggest investigating the “Basic Income Guarantee” as being proposed by the Equal Life Foundation Research Group.

With a ‘BIG’ an individual would have support not only during the age span of 2 years but would have support for 80 years or 100 years or how ever long ones life span is.

To me that is a REAL Solution.

So lets get back to early childhood development. The problem with low income families and childhood education is not only ‘education’ per-se but one can also look at things like nutrition extending from an inability to purchase the necessary foods for a healthy diet, or even stress the child picks up from the environment with parents struggling to make ends meet or for instance the strong almost certainty that the parents themselves are coming from a lack of education or higher education.

Thus if we really care about the education of Our Children we would seriously investigate the “Basic Income Guarantee” as this is the only system out there that offer a TOTAL Solution where not only the Child is the point of focus but also Support would be provided for the parents as well to ensure that they are properly stable, psychologically and practically speaking to give the child the attention and care they require in the critical developmental years.

So yes its cool that governments are giving at least some attention to early childhood development processes however a total solution must be established that include full support in every stage and facet of a human beings development that extend from the time they are born to the time they die. This not only just focus on the child but also on developing and ensuring the parent is equipped to teach the child effectively.

To learn more about how such a system would practically function please visit – http://basicincome.me/

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