Emotional Turmoil Experience – Self Corrections (Part 3) – An Artists Journey To Life : Day 446

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I commit myself to assist and support myself to make decisions in relation to my job based on practicality within the context of monetary support and my effectiveness within the particular job where I rather keep it as practical as possible and thus stop basing the decisions I make around jobs on ENERGY as either a positive or negative energetic experience I associated with the job but rather here simply stick to the practical assessment of the point, and so I commit myself to identify within myself when and where I am in fact existing within a point of positive or negative energy in relation to the jobs that I do or consider doing and to when I see this, immediately stop participating within such an energetic experience towards such a point as I realize that by doing this, I am in essence manipulating myself and influencing myself through energy where the “energetic experience” becomes the determining factor of the decisions I make instead of Practical Common Sense.

I commit myself to when and as I see myself going into an ‘energetic experience’ of ‘deep despair’ in relation to my job I am currently working to in such moments where I see myself sinking into myself and sinking into this experience to stop immediately and assist and support myself to remain here within breath, within the physical and thus assisting and supporting myself to “keep it physical” so as to not accept and allow myself to be directed by and make decisions based on an emotional energetic state that I have created and programmed within myself in relation to various events/points throughout my life and that such experiences is more based “on the past” than an actual real time practical relationship assessment of the point that is here in the moment.

I commit myself to “take back my power” in terms of making practical effective decisions in relation to job/work/money through by assisting and supporting myself to stop participating with and giving authority to positive and negative energetic experiences towards job/work/money but here I commit myself to realize that I must be stable and fine within any context of my reality and so thus it is not about “how I feel about something” (as an energetic experience) but rather about “is it practical” and will it have an outcome that is directed to an outcome that is best for all.

I commit myself to assist and support myself to walk through energetic experiences and reactions that I see coming up within me where I simply breathe and remain here in and as Practical Effective Self Direction within my physical reality where here I ensure that I remain effective in my practical application and thus not accepting and allowing myself to be ‘derailed’ by an energetic reaction by/through where I will step into an energetic reaction that I see emerging from within me and in this end up going deeper and deeper into my mind and thus participating within my mind within thoughts feelings and emotions instead of remaining here in the physical and Directed Effectively within my PRIMARY Reality which is the physical reality.

I commit myself to when and as I see the back-chat statement coming up within me “this is never going to work” to stop and breath. I realize that this is in fact a back-chat statement coming from my mind that I have connected and attached to an experience of despair, depression, hopelessness, and helplessness. I See that this statement does not support me to remain here within the Physical and to be as effective as possible within my physical practical application but rather influence and deter me from  remaining Here and moving myself practically within my reality in finding/working towards Practical Solutions that is Best for ALL. And so I commit myself to in such moments in realizing that this statement “this is never going to work” is coming from my mind, to simply not be convinced and seduced by such a statement as I see its coming from my mind and so rather I commit myself to remain HERE and Focused at the task at hand in my physical reality.

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