Assault on Human Dignity – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 445

Today I was checking out some of the reports on the recent chemical attack in Syria and as I watched the unfolding stories a point that came up for me within it all is the point of ‘Accountability’. This point came up as I watched some of the statements made in a speech by president Obama on the attacks where what I observed is essentially Obama taking on a position of Authority on the matter claiming that the Assad regime must be held accountable. In the speech Obama goes on to paint a very pretty picture of the US Government as being a shining example of how to govern a country and taking a ‘moral slant’ on the issue at hand as it being “the right thing to do” to take military actions against Syria for the chemical attacks.

In the speech Obama touted the US government as a good example of how a government should be run and how a government should care for its people. And then going on to speak about “Accountability” essentially implying the the US is accountable for its actions and that there should be a “price to pay” for what Syria did to its citizens citing it as an “Assault on Human Dignity” this then further implying that the US is also here standing as an apparent “Authority” on Human Dignity.


I have seen various documentaries on poverty in the US and the absolute inequality between the haves and the have not’s. Remember occupy wall street?– that was not a protest by the people done out of  gratitude for the situation in the US but rather a protest born out of the unrest of the people suffering within a system that does not recognize nor support them with any kind of equality or Human Dignity. This can now also be seen in the recent developments of fast food workers in the US walking off the job to strike for better wages and for a doubling of the minimum wage that currently force many to work 2 jobs and that in fact still place those employed under the minimum wage set by the US Government in a position of poverty – That is NOT Human Dignity.

The United States is in no position to claim its Authority on ‘Human Rights’

It is like the parent that tells their kids not to do drugs and that drugs is bad and then meanwhile turning around and getting high and drunk with their friends.

Really, what the US Government should be focusing on is their own proliferation’s of human rights violations within their own country

Isn’t it yet common sense that if you yourself have not ‘sorted yourself out’ that it makes no sense to go and try to help another. We must start with ourselves and the US Government should turn there attention to the surmounting problems within their own System and focus on first actually establishing Human Rights Equally among its citizens before looking abroad and before placing itself as an upstanding example of Human Rights – What a farce.

With this in mind I would suggest to investigate the Basic Income Guarantee as being proposed by Desteni and the Equal Life Foundation as a New Systematic Model to indeed establish Human Rights nationally and globally.

If we were really concerned with human rights we would not be responding ‘in-reaction-to’ events already happened but rather would be concerned enough to take preventative measures and one of the fundamental causes of the violations of Human Rights is the current money system. Dare I say this is Common Sense? Which thus then implies that the US Government and president Obama don’t really have human rights interests at heart? Otherwise they would be doing the obvious which yes, begin with sorting out ones own mess first, but also would suggest a complete economic remodeling into a system that is based on Equality and one that upholds basic human rights which is something that a “Basic Income Guarantee” policy as being proposed by the Equal Life Foundation Research Team establishes.

For further investigation –


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