Getting More Out of My Day – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 438

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to get side tracked where I see that I actually allowed this deliberately and willingly because “I didn’t really feel like working” where in this I allowed myself to become side tracked as if “it wasn’t my fault” when in fact, I could have made the decision within myself to simply stick to the point of working and directing myself within effective use of my time where this would be a simple decision I make for myself but where instead I allowed myself to move away from the point of working and engaging in conversations that were really unnecessary and ultimately just distractions.

I forgive myself that in accepting and allowing myself to “get sidetracked” that I did not Live the word Self Discipline which is a point that I Have been meaning to write about. The Point of Self Discipline.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to resist living Self Discipline in terms of directing myself effectively in every moment because I still “want time to myself” which I will fight for and not break through limitations I have placed within myself and within my life with regards to my capacity to work in a single day where here I am essentially fighting for my limitation instead of supporting myself to really live to my fullest capacity as a matter of developing myself to become a more effectively functional human being.

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to walk through my threshold for how many hours a day I am able to stand and do effective work, where I will always only ever go to the same boundary and not ever walk through that boundary here assisting and supporting myself to be able to “work more” which simply mean to Direct Myself More within my Responsibilities each day where I see I have created a pattern of “how much I do each day” but have not dared to break that pattern and re-form a pattern based on the current circumstances of my life where here I have resisted doing this instead of simply making a commitment to doing it and living it.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to “not want to work longer” because “I like having free time” and in this have limited myself and also compromised myself within my life by not assisting and supporting myself more effectively to practically functional more of the time where what I have done now is to only be practically functional some of the time, instead of really realizing that to be effective in my practical functionality in every breath will only support and benefit me in my life.

I commit myself to assist and support myself to move myself beyond my “ effective practical functionality” threshold where here I realize that the point is to walk in my utmost potential in every breath and so here I commit myself to when I am faced with that moment of resistance to applying myself effectively in a practical functional way in my world, weather that be at work, or at home doing my things at home, or even on the move and for instance I notice my car is messy and then I go into that point of “I will clean it later” even though I see that “the point is here now” and so also like when for instance I wake up in the morning and don’t immediately get up but allow myself to sleep in which is essentially not utilizing EVERY BREATH to my utmost potential and so when I face these moments, I stop and breath and overall here I see that I must overall slow myself down and assist and support myself to stabilize myself in a practically effective point of self movement as self awareness as breath where here I am not “moving through things to quickly” which inevitably cause me to miss things or rush, and so this point here is not really about just one single point but rather to assist and support myself to more slow myself down in my reality and approaching each day more as a breath by breath walking than a dash to the finish and so here I Commit myself to assist and support myself to slow myself down in EVERY MOMENT and give myself permission to look and assess every moment within the context of “what is practically best” in each moment and to in this stop just trying to “get through” moments, but rather to align myself to Living Effectively in each moment, and so thus in doing this move myself breath by breath by breath through my day focusing on each breath and being Stable and Directive in each breath which will ultimately accumulate to “getting more out of my day” and “going beyond my threshold” of how much I do in a day.

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