God is Dead – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 437

Imaginary God

When Bernard died, I was essentially left to myself to now make my decisions for myself. Yes, this is supposed to be what I should have been doing anyways, however, I had accepted and allowed myself to abdicate this Authority of myself to another and wanting another to make the real tough decisions for me, instead of me learning to make these decisions for myself.

In this way “process” is now in ‘our hands’ meaning those that have become aware of process and have begun assisting and supporting themselves within their applications of Self Change to within changing themselves support also the changing of this world into one  where ” love thy neighbor” is an real act being lived globally in every moment by all participants of life.

I can see how over the past few years I really more and more gave my own self authority up. Not only abdicating this point to someone like Bernard, but also really just throwing it away freely to where ever it may land.

Actually it has been at times not so cool because I was in no way living anything near my potential. Now that Bernard is no more here to carry the load, the load now falls onto the shoulders of those walking this process and those to begin walking

Interestingly enough I experienced Bernards Death as a gift. A Gift that he gave to all of us, though Id say this “gift” may be more experienced particularly by those that had the opportunity to know and learn from him which included myself.

Suddenly in the wake of his passing I suddenly now had permission to make decisions for myself. Now don’t get me wrong. The entire point all along was for us as each one of us to Stand Equal to each other and thus also Bernard, standing as our own authority and in this making decisions for ourselves. But man, that was tough when Bernard was around because he was such a force in his application. I found I would accept and allow myself to simply take all my tough decisions and (try to) pass them over to Bernard as if to say please please please make this decisions for me. Thus I was not effectively standing as my own authority and directing myself based on Principle – The Principle of What is Best For ALL.

So now the Gift I have been given is my Authority. Now there is no Bernard and thus obviously the point is not to just try and go out and find another “Bernard” but to rather take this opportunity to start standing as my own Authority and Direction within my process of making decisions and directing myself within and as  the principle of what is best for all.

A funny realization came up when Bernard Died.

I saw this point of “man this must be what it would be like if I was a Christian and suddenly God Died” – LOL.

But really – I had placed Bernard as my God, as the Ultimate Authority. And so in a way I can sympathize with people that bow to a god because when Bernard died I realized how extensively I was in essence existing in this exact same God Complex only instead of a god in the Sky I had a God, that was sitting in South Africa behind a computer monitor clicking away.

So I really was like ‘wow’ in realizing how extensively I had given my authority away.

So from this perspective it would be cool if all the religious Gods suddenly Died because then all people in the various religions would now be faced with the ultimate point – simply Themselves.

It is interesting because instead of looking at our realities and making a decision we look at our realities and then look to our gods then make a decision. It is also interesting because then here we claim “we didn’t know”

Now this is quite interesting – I can see how I did exactly this, and I see how those following some God would do this as well.

Instead of really doing what we know is Best, we will rather go for our desire but justify that “we just didn’t understand” or that “we didn’t realize what we were doing”

But now what I see, realize, and understand is that there is no one to look to when I am making a decision because now “my god is dead” As I see that I had actually placed Bernard as my God, perhaps in the same way that someone might place even their father or mother or the obvious man sitting on a cloud as their god.

So now that my god is dead – I simply look for myself at my reality and this is in fact a real Gift that came in the wake of Bernards Death – The opportunity for me to stand alone and see direct the reality before me and to assess this reality within the context of what is best for all and then to step forth.

I will reap what I sew as I have always been doing. So now it is time to Stand as my own Authority and assist and support myself to assess and direct myself within this world within the principle of What is Best for ALL and in this, as each of us are here to do – Stand as our own Authority walking and learning together in our process of standing up within doing/directing self within and as what is best for all.

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