Do You Care Enough To Change – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 435

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Today is the day after I herd about the passing of Bernard Poolman. So he has really left it in our hands. It is now up to us to establish a world that is best for all. To stop our accepted and allowed abuse of ourselves and each other.

I had the opportunity of meeting Bernard and living in the same environment as him for over a year. There is a part of me that really just want to ‘let this go’ to simply let it go and move on.

I remember while living with Bernard he would always push for Directive Living, for Immediate Direction, and to walk and direct regardless of ones ‘emotional experience’ so in essence for one to push oneself to be practical and standing within a point of stability at all times and not for instance ignoring ones responsibilities because “they don’t “feel” like doing it”

And so that is what I am here doing. I still had to get up today and go to work. I still must do the physical actions required of me to walk my process and assist and support the movement of the process as a whole. So what Bernard showed me is now still here assisting me to actually walk in the wake of his death, and simply remain Stable in my world and not giving into some ‘emotional turmoil’ experience. And so I breathe and I walk.

When Bernard was alive he was the point – he was ‘the one’ that everyone looked to to keep process moving. I know I did. I did this despite the fact of him making it clear over and over and over that the point is to walk as equals.

So I see the point is now not to go and look for another savior. It is to realize that we all now must walk our processes and assist and support each other as equals.

So it is like a new point of process that is opening up. Where humanity actually work together as Equals where there is no God to save us but that we must save ourselves.

We are learning together in this and we have the guidelines and the example left by Bernard for those that got to meet him and learn from him or/and those who have read and learned from his words.

So the point is here, the guidelines, now it is up to us.

We might make mistakes but that does not mean failure – it means mistakes, and then we simply adjust and correct and continue walking together assisting and supporting ourselves to stand up as Dignified Beings Living as that which we would like to see in this world. And so thus working on the dignification of both our inner and outer realities.

A interesting question that has continually come up for me during the past 24 hours is

“How does one care enough to do what Bernard Did?”

Because that is what I see in Bernard. That is what I witnessed in him…He Cared.

A care that extended beyond anything that I have actually ever encountered.

And so this is the question to myself.

How do I get myself to care enough?

And to you reading also

“Do you care enough to change?”

Because in my eyes that is what I see it boils down to. I mean its like one reach certain thresholds and the ‘care’ they have does not extend beyond that point, and so I see I/we must care. We must care enough to change to do what is necessary to bring about a world that is best for all. We must bring care into existence. Maybe for the first time? Has care ever existed? Or must we still establish this care, this respect for ourselves?.

This is a strange question to have actually existing inside of me where you’d think ‘caring’ is something natural, something that is just a part of who we are.

But if it was would the world look/exist like it does at the moment.

This is fascinating – that human beings, that “Life”, doesn’t care.

Bernard Cared – That is what I witnessed about him. That is how I have described it to myself when I look at the depths to which he went in actually Supporting Life.

So now it is our turn to do this – to ask this question for ourselves –

“Do you care enough to change?

And start living in a way that if the world was filled with just you, it would in fact be a supportive place to exist.


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