This is What I Really Stand For – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 434

Its Time To Stop Carrying The Past, Investigate Self With Desteni I Process

Hello All who is reading this. My name is Andrew Gable. I am the author of “An Artists Journey To Life” Blog. Today I am here to write about why I write this blog.

So…Why do I write this blog?

I write this blog because there is more to life than what we have accepted.

This blog is my journey.

This blog is a statement of who I am.

And who I am is a being that recognize that what we as a collective humanity has been living is NOT what we should be.

And so this blog is my journey detailing my walking to stop existing as and participating with “the norm” and to instead actually become that which I have come to understand and realize is what we really should be. To become actual life standing within Respect, Integrity, Self Honesty, attributes that I have come to see, realize, and understand are not actually part of “the norm”.

I have never except for once or twice shared this blog on my facebook page. I have not done this because what I walk and the nature of the message I support is very controversial and I felt that to actually Share this message openly on my facebook page would be a detriment to my life, meaning that it would cause conflict and create reactions in people and that would work against me as I attempted to find my way in our current accepted version of Life.

You see – that is the point – In a way my Facebook page represents “me” in the currently accepted version of life. This ‘version’ of life is the ‘main one’ is the one that everybody is all just going along with and trumpeting as “who we are” as “what life is about” And so I decided to NOT post my Journey to Life blog on my facebook page because this current collectively accepted version of life that we as all of humanity is Living would essentially react to the nature of the message of my journey to life blog, and this blog would be met with resistance.

So then what is the nature of the message of the blog I am writing that would be met with such resistance by the collective whole.

Strangely enough the nature of the message is one of Self Honesty, Equality, and doing what is best for all.

So I did not post my blog on my facebook page.

But I am here today going to post this blog on my facebook wall and simply Speak who I really am.

I Walk this Journey and write this blog and stand with the group of desteni because no where else have I encountered such integrity and frankly, that is who I want to be.

I disagree with who we have become as Life.

I disagree with our currently accepted norms.

I realize that there is more to life than drugs, and sex and money.

I have discovered the principles that is being presented by Desteni and I realize that these principles is what I see will support myself and those that walk such principles to become actual versions of life that stand within and as RESPECT. Respecting ourselves and respecting each other and respecting Life.

At the moment this is NOT being done on an individual level or collective level – obviously war is a prime reflection of this.

I envision a world without war, why? Because this is common sense.

It does not make sense that we are killing each other – so then why has this been accepted as ‘normal’

So I am here today to Stand Up and Reveal who I really am and what I really stand for. I do not Stand For our currently accepted version of Life. I stand for Oneness and Equality and What is Best for ALL.

I stand with the Destni Group and Equal Life Foundation as a group dedicated to bringing about actual Change. To bringing forth actual change in this world starting with ourselves.

If you are really interested in coming together as a group, as ONE HUMANITY, I suggest to come together with all of us that is walking as the group of Desteni. We are not desteni – we are simply a group of individuals who are interested in Doing What is Best For ALL, that come together under the banner of Desteni.  So Join us. Don’t be afraid.

We are not out to get you – we are here working towards Solutions to truly bring forth a world that is best for all.


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