Would You like to Buy It – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 433

So in my previous blog I was investigating some reactions I had in relation to sales, specifically looking at some points that came up yesterday at work in relation to when people would come into the store where it was like inside myself I was throughout the day standing within an ‘attitude’ of “not wanting people to come into the store” even though that is the very point and purpose for me being there.

So I am going to continue investigating, opening up, and realigning myself within and as this, into a point that is more suitable and effective and supportive within the context of what I am currently busy with, with sales.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to want to hide and not have to speak to anybody, particularly when the boss is around, because I judge myself quite a bit and thus just don’t want to speak to anybody while the boss is around because I am concerned with how I perform when he is around where its like I find it difficult to be myself with the customers because I feel like I am being watched and in this, instead of facing this, I have accepted and allowed myself to pull back and hide, instead of realizing that this is not the way, that a more effective way of overcoming this fear and ‘wanting to hide’ is to move myself to engage all customers that comes by the store.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to want to avoid customers because I fear embarrassment, where this embarrassment is only accentuated when the boss is around, which is the reason why I go into a more extreme point of ‘not wanting customers to come into the store’ when he is around.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to fear embarrassment and have accepted and allowed myself to give this fear of embarrassment power over me.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to use the point of ‘my boss being in the store’ as the reason for why I am uncomfortable and not effective, instead of realizing that this more related to my total approach so far where I am not yet standing within a point of really facing those points of fear within myself in the sales process where if this was the case, I would simply push myself and find a way no matter if the boss is around or not, the point of the boss being around is only a layer of justification I shrouded myself within not allowing myself to see the real point which is my actual Starting Point and Self Willed Direction within the Sales Process and Making Sales, where obviously if the “boss being around” can be used as an excuse to why I am not effective then it will not matter if he is not around either because to allow such a minor point to influence me is here implying that I there is more serious points that i am not looking at that will affect me regardless if he is around or not, which I see, realize and understand is more related to my starting point where thus far I have been approaching customers from the starting point of “they will never buy anything” or even “I don’t care if I make a sale” or “this is just practice” all these starting points justifications as backdoors to escape from actually having to face my fear of being Direct with Customers and walking through the points I fear to address and walk through related to money, or rejection or embarassment.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to judge myself in my ability to do sales where I have accepted and allowed myself to approach customers and situations from the starting point of “I will not make a sale” where this is like my default setting, and so here I never end up moving myself with the customer through the sales process because I actually fear making a sale, I fear closing a sale, and so will hide myself as this fear of actually ‘confronting’ this “point of sale’ moment, within the belief “I will never make a sale” where I hide myself within this statement making it out to seem like I have low self esteem or am ‘not good enough’ when in fact I actually just fear walking through the entire sales process with a customer where

I fear and resist particularly


Speaking about money particularly when its a lot.


Directing the customer to the viewing room

what if they say no

then I will  feel embarrassed

What will I say – what if I have nothing to say

What if they don’t want the piece

They are never going to buy something

Going through all the paperwork when I make a sale

What if I get the numbers wrong

I will look stupid

Its allot of work

I will not be able to handle all the points

I will take to long/slow

They will get upset with me/ they will be impatient

experience inadequacy



Probably one of my main fears is that moment when I direct customers to the viewing room. I fear this allot, I fear that point of rejection. I fear that maybe they are not buyers and so in this fear I just give in and never actually move myself to that point of directing customers to the viewing room to look at a piece. Its like I have accepted


“people will never spend this much money on the product I am selling”


And so when customers come in I don’t really see them as really wanting to buy something.


So I can see here I am holding onto a perception/belief about money where this is influencing me in the sales process as every customer that walks into the gallery I don’t actually see as a buyer but lean more towards it is highly unlikely that they will buy and I can see that this accepted and allowed starting point is detrimental to my Sales Process, instead of where for instance I simply walk each customer that comes into the gallery through the process as that is what I am there to do, and then along the way I will find out if they are buyers or not, instead of what I am doing now which is more ‘wondering’ if or if not people are actually buyers but not directing/moving myself to find out through walking the sales process with each customer that comes into the store.


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