Mapping the Dis-Ease of “Boredom” – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 424


Yesterday I wrote a blog on “Investigating Self Dis-eases” and so with this blog I am going to continue on with this investigation and look more specifically at some of the ‘Dis-eases’ that I identified.

The first dis-ease I will look at here is ‘Boredom’.

Before I get into this point I will clarify that I have identified the ‘dis-eases’ of self as those points within me that essentially create a dis-ease within me. They are something that is not ‘natural’ to the body/self. What I noticed about myself is that these ‘dis-eases’ are part of a condition of ‘avoiding myself’. So they are indicating something that I do not want to look at or face within myself/reality.  I realize that these dis-eases is ultimately me, a part of me, and requires to be faced and corrected which I can do through utilizing the tools of Self Support such as writing, self forgiveness, and self corrective statements and self corrective Living.

Further Investigation

On a side note, please investigate the research done by Desteni, Equal Life Foundation, and those individuals walking the “journey to Lifeprocess as this analysis I am walking here is directly linked to my research, investigation and application of the desteni material and tools which is related to the study of what it means to be a responsible human being.


Boredom is where I accept and allow myself to go into my mind. Boredom I see comes when I am avoiding something. For instance I will browse through youtube videos because “I am bored” meanwhile I have various practical self supportive tasks that I can be doing instead. So my Boredom Dis-ease is really more like a point of avoidance. I also see that Boredom is distraction. Meaning, my experience or participation in boredom is also utilized as a way to distract myself from the internal battle within myself that ensues when I have things to do but don’t want to do them.

I also feel uninspired when I am bored

I also have this experience where “I don’t know what to do”. I mean that is the back-chat that comes up often within boredom where there is this experience of feeling uninspired and then this thought will come up within my mind of “I don’t know what to do”

With boredom it often feels like nothing is moving in my world, and that no matter what I do nothing will move.

I also see boredom comes up when there is no feedback stimulus. Like I am working on a point within my life and when I reach moments where there is no feedback coming, I lose interest and become bored with the point.

So one interesting point here is that I see that I have defined boredom in relation to feelings and emotions where if there is no ‘stimulus’ then “I am bored” I find what often happens in walking my process of Self Investigation is that this walking is not something that produce a stimulus and so I become bored. Thus indicating that I have programmed myself to want and need emotional and feeling stimulus/high.

And so I in relation to boredom go and start searching outside myself from some point to distract me because I do not want to be left alone with just myself having to actually face this experience of really walking through boredom and actually living in a practical responsible way as a practical responsible human directing myself within a principle of what is best for all. And so I see that this point of boredom is a dis-ease I must face. That I must stand within so to speak and not go into a point of ‘searching outside myself’ for some other relationship to please occupy my attention. Where this ‘standing within’ is actually more like a facing and walking through.

I mean boredom imply an inability to Direct Self, or lack of Self Direction. And so I can see here that to correct this point that I must be/become Self Directive. One of the key points that I am seeing here is that this “Self Direction” or ‘boredom’ is specifically linked to “Practical Self Support”. Or “Practical Self Movement” within the context of where I am moving myself based on common sense practical consideration and not emotion/feeling stimulus. Obviously when there is a nice feeling connected to doing something than that thing is much easier to do as the ‘feeling stimulus’ becomes the reward for doing that thing. When there is no “feeling stimulus” one do not want to move self to do that thing because there is no ‘feeling stimulus’ or ‘positive energy’ attached to it. So a point coming through here is that within my correction of this boredom dis-ease within myself is that I must align myself to Self Direction based on practical self movement and not Self Direction based on emotional/feeling stimulus. I see that boredom comes within me when I ‘just get tired’ of walking my responsibilities where its like this massive resistance comes up to walking my responsibilities within my life because often my responsibilities do not feed my addiction to ‘positive feeling energy stimuli’. Where the addiction can be noted here as the resistance to walking such practical responsibilities coming up because I am not getting my ‘energy fix’ my ‘stimulus fix’, and I am ‘bored’ which is the name I have given to the experience of where I am in a resistance towards directing myself in a practical way to the degree where I literally stop and start ‘looking for something to entertain myself’ which is to say ‘looking for something to generate that positive stimulus inside me’. I also find this ‘boredom experience comes up while in the act of walking my ‘practical responsibilities’ because during this walking I am not getting any ‘positive energy feedback’ That is why it is a ‘practical responsibility’. A ‘Practical Responsibility’ is something that one do based on a common sense practical assessment of what is here. Where in assessing what is here in a practical way, one then Direct Self based on the assessment of what is ACTUALLY Best, and not in a way where “it just feels good to do it” Which unfortunately nobody ever taught me about this sort of ‘practical assessment’ until I was already into the latter half of my 20’s. And so as a result I built up quite an addiction to needing specific energetic stimulus as part of my daily experience and when I do not get this, which is what happens as one start to assist and support oneself to Align oneself to Practical Self Responsibility within ones life to actually support oneself instead of “doing what feels good” and so when I do not get this ‘positive energy experience’ I start going into resistance which the experience is kind of like an engine that is seizing up because it does not have any oil. And so I tense up and go into resistance the more I walk and live in a Practically Responsible way. So quite a conundrum because that which makes you feel good actually is practically detrimental to ones life, like for instance just sitting around and watching your favorite TV shows all day, or playing video games all day, or partying every weekend ect ect. Its like that which makes a feel good, is that which in fact is related to the destruction of ourselves and our lives and to Live in a way that is actually best for self and best for this world does not give you that ‘positive energy charge’.

So the Dis-ease of Boredom to be faced is to actually face and walk through that experience of resistance / seizing up,  I encounter when and as I am Living as a Responsible Human Being. So that I can actually become a responsible human being instead of falling into the purgatory of boredom because it really implies a kind of purgatory, an in-between state. I am bored is just another way of saying “I don’t want to work”. Ok so there is some ‘mapping out’ of this dis-ease of boredom.
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