One Language To Unify The Earth – An Artists Journey To Life: Day: 420


One of the aspects of my life and really everyone’s life is work. Is employment. Throughout my life I have been involved in a number of jobs where my role within the company was more directly linked to the flow of money through the organization. These were mostly small operations where I was able to see the relationship between myself as the worker and the money coming into the company and thus eventually onto my paycheque. I have also been a part of larger companies where I was more ‘replaceable’ where the employee number was in the hundreds where my part within the organization was not as integral to the success or failure of that company. Obviously if I did not perform, I would simply be replaced.

An interesting point came up today at work while I was speaking with one of my co-workers whom also echoed my ‘intentions’ within the business which is to “make this business work” At my current job the employees are playing a much more integral role in the stability, success or failure of that company.

Though this ‘interesting point’ comes down to language. Specifically a ‘common language’ what I realized more clearly today is that really everyone in that company has come from different backgrounds, different belief systems, different religions and spiritualties, desires, hopes, likes, dislikes, family structure, education, culture etc. Yet here we are all ‘under one roof’ as the business we are all a part of.

So here we are, and in the instance of today with the co-worker I was in conversation with, voicing essentially the same ‘goal’ or ‘intention’ as me within the company of ‘wanting the business to be successful’ which Id say is safe to say that most of the people involved would prefer such an outcome.

However the interesting thing which is essentially ‘a problem’ is that everyone in trying to  ‘achieve that outcome’ of the ‘business being successful’  has a different idea of how exactly to do that. Yes, we may voice this similar desired outcome, though each of us is interpreting this in a different way based on our own personal model of how we believe reality functions and operates.

My understanding and application of “how to make the business successful” is different from someone else’s understanding and application of “how to make the business successful”.

When I started participating with and researching Desteni and Equal Life Foundation. One of the points that was brought up is the importance of everyone speaking the same language so that essentially a group of people, ultimately ‘all of life’ would have a common understanding/language that would be the foundation of who they are and that this foundation would be based on principles of respect and support life for instance in the principles of what is best for all, like for example, do unto another as you would like done unto you. So great lengths were taken to assist and support those within the group to ‘align our vocabulary’ so that there was no misinterpretations happening within the day to day functioning of the group. So that when words were spoken, each one had the same definition, the same understanding, and this was taken to an extreme from the perspective of really investigating and opening up what it means to be a human being, to be life. So that the definitions of the vocabulary was such that it did not support abuse of life, but that it was really based on who we really are as life which imply that we would not abuse life. So not only was the vocabulary the same, it was based in principles of What is Best for ALL, essentially principles that truly support life. I mean you have instances now where many human beings speak the same language like with different religions and spiritualities, ect, the problem is these ‘same languages’ is not in fact based on what is best for all life and thus you end up with abuse and wars and conflict taking place. So it is not only essential that each one ‘speak the same language’ so that we all understand each other, but also that this ‘language’ is also based on principles of Life Integrity such as the principle of ‘What is Best for ALL’ And so Desteni recognized and understood this and so is busy with developing a common language within the group that is designed to Support Life within principles of Integrity such as the principle of What is Best for ALL.

Have you ever played bumper cars? Where everyone is going in random directions bumping into each other. I mean that is a great representation of what is currently happening on planet earth atm, and one of the reasons behind this ‘nobody going in the same direction’ is that because we are all speaking a different language based on various versions and interpretations of how reality works, yet we are here all on this ONE PLANET, so why not ONE language? The Language of LIFE based within the principle of What is Best for ALL, based on the actual understanding and valuing of ALL Life equally.

So getting back to my current Job. I see that really no body is speaking the same language. No body is on the same page and so much gets lost in translation where its like we all speak the same phrase “lets make this a successful business” but because nobody actually speak the same Life language we all interpret this differently. To one, that might mean work hard 7 days a week. To another that might mean stay home and mediate 3 hours a day every day so that good things happen. To another that might mean placing the fate of the business in some spiritual god. To another that might mean waiting for someone else to do it.

Basically what I understood/realized here today is that if each one of us at the job actually spoke the ‘same language’ that this would give the business a much stronger probability of succeeding. So really what I realized is how differently each one of us is speaking/operating/functioning/existing within our own version of reality. And how fucked we are on this planet because no body is on the same page…we are not even reading the same book, we are not walking as one Life in unison together ensuring a practically functional earth for everyone. As a result we are not able to work together and function effectively on planet earth, instead there is conflict, war, friction, economic disparity, working 60 hours a week to survive, massive health issues, deception, murder, laws that seem to work against the greater good, corruptions, the stupification of life through media and entertainment, alcohol and drug abuse, dysfunctional family structures, billions of  dollars of student debt when education should be free as a basic human right etc.

We are all Living different life principles and essentially creating an unstable environment as we are all walking around contradicting ourselves instead of working together towards one common goal which at the moment I realize is to establish a world where ALL individuals are existing within a point of equality within the context of Basic Human Rights After all each one of us is Equal as Life. There is not one LIFE form that is MORE than another. We are all animated by that one common point as that Life force that is equal within each one of us.

So for anyone that agree with and is seeing what I am speaking about please investigate Desteni. We are a group of individuals that is standing together and all speaking the same language and getting ourselves on the same page so to assist and support the establishing of a highly functioning world based on principles that support life. To find out more about these principles one can visit the equal life foundation facebook page to read about the Basic Human Rights as the foundation of a world that is best for ALL and a reflection of what life ought to be.  

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3 thoughts on “One Language To Unify The Earth – An Artists Journey To Life: Day: 420

  1. I don’t know but it is said that variety is the spice of life… Like you, don’t think it ends well… I guess there has to be balance and compromise in order for things to go well… Life would be very boring if we were all the same…

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