Why We Sometimes Feel ‘Antsy’ – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 418

Today I was getting antsy again. This ‘antsy’ is related to ‘wanting things to happen’ but at the same time experiencing things as if ‘nothing is happening’. And then also not knowing how to make things happen or ‘if’ things will ever happen.

This is primarily related to the past few months where I have had an opportunity to get into some more Art related jobs and so have been pushing this point more but still ending up in this experience of ‘being antsy’.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to go into an experience of ‘being antsy’ where I want things to move faster or move different instead of how things are actually moving.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to get antsy at work where I will think about different ways to make things move more effectively but because I am at work, I am really not able to do much until I am off work, but then when I get off work, I do not follow through with the points that I was looking at/considering to implement and apply in terms of testing different ways of making things move more effectively, but that instead when I get home I accept and allow myself to spend time and space entertaining myself or simply not using that time and space I do have available to me to direct myself to apply those points I had thought about earlier but had to wait to get home to actually do.

I forgive myself for not accepting and allowing myself to support myself to change how I spend my time and space so that this time and space is put to good use in ways/patterns that is supportive to me/my development, and so here I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to trap myself in a pattern of spending my time and space exactly the same way when I get home from work, where this pattern of how I direct myself within time and space is that which determine the outcome/consequence of what manifest in my life, and so if I am really interested in actually having things ‘move more effectively’ I must change my Living Pattern, particularly after work or in my spare time to educate myself and support myself within cultivating my understanding of how reality works/functions, how I work/function, how my industry actually functions, how the system functions that I am participating in, essentially here assisting and supporting myself to develop the necessary tools and know-how to actually ‘make things move more effectively’. What I am seeing here is that my current understanding/tools/application is producing my current life result as how things are currently going and moving for me. Thus to change this, refine this, make this more effective, I must refine and develop my understanding/tools/self education/application to in fact enhance and specify my application of myself where the bottom line here is that I can be using my ‘spare time and space’ to assist and support myself much more effectively so that that time and space influence my life in a more supportive way rather than what I am currently accepting and allowing as the INPUT that is taking place in such spare moments of time and space where the INPUT of entertainment, is consequentially producing an output that is my life at the moment, my life that I still get ‘antsy’ towards and ‘want to be different’ and feel ‘stuck’ within.

I commit myself to assist and support myself to make time and space where I actually utilize my time and space to really develop myself in my understanding and effectiveness within the context of how the system/world currently function, and thus I commit myself to assist and support myself to rather use my time after work to show that I do in fact care about myself by utilizing my time and space in a way that is supportive and beneficial to myself instead of literally being my own detriment by accepting and allowing myself to just entertain myself in a way where I am simply wasting my time or throwing my time away as if it has no value what so ever, and within doing this producing a very specific result that is my life ‘where I feel stuck’.

I realize that if I want to understand myself. If I want to understand how I am creating my world. If I want to understand how I function. If I want to understand who I am. If I want to understand how I can become more effective in my life. If I want to stop existing in abusive patterns, that are patterns where I am literally wasting my time and space which is essentially me putting me to waste, if I would like to assist and support myself within no more wasting myself through wasting my time, that I must give myself the time and space to explore, investigate and get to understand this stuff through actual Self Investigation/Study, and thus this must be walked in Time and Space and so I commit myself to assist and support myself to assist and support myself to spend my time and space within that which really matters like for instance education myself or simply sitting down and spending that time where I would normally just entertain myself, to rather study myself. To write myself out, to look at points, worries, fears, doubts, experiences, that I am busy with. Or to study something that will have contribute to a more clear, comprehensive understanding of those aspects of life that are required to be understood to assist and support oneself effectively, like for instance the economy, business, psychology, essentially understanding the total human management system that currently exist as our world, to thus become effective in this and ultimately to assist and support the emergence of a system/world/understanding where that is based on principles of equality, what is best for all, and living to our utmost potential as life.

At the moment I ‘feel stuck’ and ‘stagnant’ which I see here I can assist and support myself to move myself out of by dedicating some of my time and space to actually investigating myself where atm I haven’t been doing this with my time and space. My current pattern is congruent to this pattern of ‘feeling stuck’ and so to here assist and support myself I commit myself to assist and support myself to change my living pattern starting with dedicating/giving more of my time to actual real Self Education and Investigation instead of wasting my time by allowing an input that really serve no purpose to me actually getting to know myself and how the world/system I live in works/functions.

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