Locked Out Of Myself – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 412

I have been having resistance to writing this blog recently. I will sit down to write but feel stuck and not know what to write about. Its strange to have ‘nothing to write about’ because there is so much going on inside me and in my life every day. Thousands of breaths I walk each day. Thousands of moments. So many thoughts moving with realities unto themselves.

One of the more prominent thoughts that has been existing within me lately is related to just this point. This point of getting home each day and sitting down to write and having nothing to write about. How can this be? So this ‘not having anything to write about’ has brought up some questions within me in relation to my life and process that I am currently walking.

I have felt recently like I am ‘trapped out of myself’ like there is this wall within me and I cannot have access to myself. Its like I have forgotten how to sit down with myself and really investigate who I am existing as.

This has also been a worry of mine as I get older. The worry that I will more and more get trapped out of myself and just exist completely within my mind existing as programmed personalities with no ability to actually think for myself as now I am just a mind that is programmed and thus no actual SELF Will existing to “think for myself”

I find that to Live in this world one must “Play the Role” and the problem is the “Role” completely take over and one actually start to and end up believing that that is who they really are, not realizing that this “Role” one take on is a program copied from parents, from tv, from internet, from Hollywood, from music on the radio on their way to work, from friends, co-workers, strangers you see, the news. Our entire world has been set up as a ‘program delivery system’ where the entire input being impulsed into the human in every second is a lie. Pretty pictures to make us believe that ‘everything is ok’ not realizing that we walk around like brainwashed zombies speaking the codes and memes we pick up from TV, like perfect Products of our environment. Products buying Products, that is us, the perfect consumers. Consuming everything in our path including the earth we live on.

So I act the part and play the role to win the prize…money of course. In today’s world one is Rewarded for acting like a zombie and being a posterchild symbolizing “everything is ok”. I mean that is the KEY isn’t it – “Everything is Ok” We must keep telling ourselves this everyday, we must look for signs of this all the time, that “Everything is Ok” so we can find some relief and thank God that the horror that is reallytaking place all over the world is not on our doorstep…One Problem – We are all on one earth. Horrors and Atrocities happen daily on earth, in the HOME within which we ALL Live. But we keep our door closed and pretend not to see. Further and further secluding ourselves and isolating ourselves to try and hide and run from the atrocities taking place – No wonder there is such an interest in space travel – “Get me off of this fucking planet” that is of course if you have enough money.

But one thing that is not being realized is that we are able to Change what is here as what we have created as this current version of earth. This will required massive education and a new system obviously to manage the resources of the earth in a way that is equitable.

For this is proposed the Basic Income Guarantee from Equal Life Foundation as an actual SOLUTION to Life so that we no more have to run and hide from it.

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