The Artist In Everyone – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 410

Today I was out painting where I set-up on weekends to do landscape paintings. Often when I am there people come by to look at what I am doing and talk to me about what I am doing. Or they normally mention something as they stroll by, about what I am doing. I have been finding it interesting the kinds of responses/feedback I have been getting as “The Artist” standing there doing paintings among the people that are there visiting the lodge on vacation.

“The Artist” is like a rare species it seems. Many people say how cool it is that I am there painting each weekend using words like ‘inspired’ and ‘motivated’ ‘so cool’ to describe what they see.

So I have been finding this interesting to hear what people have to say about what I am doing there.

Painting is something that I have invested allot of time into and still now it is something ‘I do on the side’ meaning it is something I am doing on the side from the other full time job I work. So the full time job I work is the point of stability which facilitate having the ‘option’ to ‘paint on the side’ if I want.

So from this perspective being “An Artist” is a rare thing because for me that time I go do art would normally be the time one has for ‘entertainment’ or ‘social life’ or things like that. 5 years ago when I started participating with Desteni I made the decision to stop drugs and stop alcohol, and obviously to walk the desteni process entails somewhat of a ‘different lifestyle’ but I mean I can see how the decision to for instance stop drinking and doing drugs 5 years ago has contributed to what I am doing now, because instead of going out to the bars with my friends on my days off work, I have dedicated some of that time to my Art instead.

Anyways, it’s just interesting because I see people coming by and commenting on what I am doing and you see that glimmer in their eye – like “that’s so cool, I wish I was doing that” . But its still work, and requires a certain kind of discipline that I haven’t always been as effective in as Id like, where Id opt for that ‘mindless entertainment’ instead of organizing my priorities differently to spend time on my art.

From my perspective doing art is actually supportive and is something that would benefit humanity much more if this was done on the weekends instead of say for instance going out the bars and just partying with your friends – I mean its cool to hang out and have fun with your friends – I am not saying don’t do that. Though it seems to me there is lots of room for improvement for more ‘healthy’ or even ‘interesting’ life styles.

I would suggest investigating the Basic Income Guarantee being proposed by the Equal Life Foundation as this is something that would actually give human beings the opportunity to express their creativity to actually live what is behind that “glimmer in their eye” when they see me out there painting. A basic income guaranteeing all citizens with a wage to ensure their basic living needs is met is a starting point for creating an environment where we as individuals can really explore our passions because now these passions are suppressed, are only dreamed about but are quickly put out of site because one must simply work to Live, or rather often, to Survive, making just enough to stay afloat. This is due how we have agreed on the current rules that manage our system/world

So The Basic Income Guarantee as being proposed by the Equal Life Foundation is the first step to ensure that “The Artist” is no more an endangered species, or something people more ‘see from a distance’ but rather something that can become a part of every individuals  normal life, thus creating a more enriching experience for ourselves. So ‘BIG’ is really a cool gift we give to ourselves. Obviously Art is something that becomes possible when one is well fed, and has a roof over their heads and has the basic necessities of life accounted for and this is Exactly what the Basic Income Guarantee will do. It is a PRACTICAL Solution that is not being proposed anywhere else with the same depth of scope, vision and detail that is being outlined by the Equal Life Research Team.

Investigate –

DIP Lite – Free Online Course to get you started with learning the Tools of Self Support
DIP PRO -A Desteni Course for those Ready to Walk the Journey of a Lifetime – Participate in Forums or Search the Vast Desteni Material – Invest in a wide range of Interviews and Support yourself to Self Perfection – Learn What Equal Money is all about and Vote on Goals and Principles
Equal Life Foundation – Facebook Stream for Unfolding Events and Soluitons.
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