The Art Always Reflect the Artist – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 408

I am getting ready for an “art-walk”. It is an event oriented around ‘supporting the arts’ So there is various featured galleries and shops with art on display that will be the center of the attention. I am working in one of the tents set up as extensions of galleries, so basically will be interacting with individuals and ‘encouraging’ them to visit the gallery I will representing.

I started a new piece today. One point that I look at when I am doing art is that the art is Always a perfect reflection of myself. So in a way I will be walking with my sculpture for the next month where I will in essence be transferring ME into and as the sculpture as I work on it, as the perfect reflection of me.

I have always claimed that I care about my artwork. Though I realize that this “who I am” that my art will ultimately reflect requires much correction to in fact be a reflection ‘worthy’ of life so to speak. I mean I realize that my Artwork contain all the secrets, deceptions, self interests that I contain. So ultimately in looking at the point of being more effective at my art, I see this point of me actually becoming more effective with myself in my application of assisting and supporting myself to actually stand as an example of Life within the context of equality and oneness within the principle of what is best for all.

So that’s the point I want to mention here.

That I realize that my art is ALWAYS in ALL WAYS a perfect reflection of me and that the best way to make effective art is to ensure that Who I am as that which will be reflected/embodies in the art is in fact aligned with Life in a way that that Honor and Respect life. The Artist can never be separate from the Art. And so the artist must in fact be LIVING in a way that is Aligned with Respecting and Honoring and Supporting Life within the principle of what is best for all to be able to produce anything of actual Real Value. And that the ultimate test to determine if I really do care about my art is to simply look at myself and see if/how I am walking my application of Self Support to thus ensure that what is being reflected and transferred into my art is a reflection that truly honor life.


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