Basic Human Rights IGNORED by Man(kind?) – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 402

Today as I was driving to work I was listening to a news report on the recent flooding that happened in Alberta. In the interview there was one man explaining to the reporter how he lost everything including 500 thousand dollars. He said that he was all ready to retire and now he lost everything.

So here is another example of how and why Basic Income as an Economic Solution as being proposed by the Equal Life Foundation will prevent such trauma’s from happening in individuals lives where you find yourself in one of the many positions in the system where the support and stability of that system simply just does not reach.

Place yourself in the shoes of that man all ready to retire and then losing everything overnight. What would you do? In our current system it is ‘tough luck’ because Basic Human Rights are not being adhered to, or for that matter understood at all but instead are more looked upon as some ‘nice pie in the sky idea’ but there is no actual substance to it. In the meantime the travesty being inflicted upon human rights through the functioning of our system is perplexing. Perplexing that no one seem to notice that what we are living in our world is the OPPOSITE of Human Rights. There is no intention within ourselves as mankind to really install the basic human rights into our world as a flow-out of the functioning of our system.

Personally I had no idea what a human right was. I mean ok, I was aware of human rights and being good to others and things like that, but I never before actually considered LIVING these principles to their utmost degree.

Well, if you haven’t yet started your research and investigation into what is being proposed as the ‘Basic Income Guarantee’  through the Equal Life Foundation, I suggest to check it out. You will find a proposal like no other, a proposal being introduced that is practical and that is based on giving to everyone the very things that we get out of bed each morning to chase and strive and lie and cheat and fight and KILL for within our current dog eat dog capitalistic system.

It’s a proposal that say’s “Ok let’s not kill ourselves over resources where there is more than enough for everyone” but instead is providing a foundation and strategy on how we as a Humanity is able to manage ourselves in an orderly way to ensure that each of us get what it is that we all want.

For more information please visit –

So….the man in the interview who lost everything. In a System where there is Actual Human Rights as the foundation of that system, would not allow such a point to exist. Because there would ALWAYS be Support to ensure the Basic Human Rights of every citizen is guaranteed no matter what. At this stage when there is a natural disaster the first thing that comes to mind is not regarding Human Rights in any way. It is “oh my god, how much money is this going to cost, how is this going to effect my business, my money, etc”

I am still busy with my own research in terms of understanding in detail how the BIG Capitalism model will function and be implemented

One of the important questions however that must be asked by each individual if you are reading this is – How is it possible that we have so completely ignored the Basic Human Rights of Ourselves and not worked together to in fact create a system that provide us with our basic human rights as a Guarantee, as a birth right, as a GIFT that we give to ourselves through the cooperation and insight of ourselves as a race working together to provide ourselves with the highest form of life possible? I mean we have so drastically missed the mark haven’t we. To the degree where the majority of us do not even know what a basic human right is.  We have just been so busy fighting ourselves within our own minds and within our system that we have completely lost ourselves and haven’t considered our actual capacity to change our nature and work together in a way to ensure effective living conditions for every human being on earth as the common sense foundation leading to innovation and a higher expression of ourselves as Life. I mean one of the points that really stood out to me in reading about the BIG Capitalism proposal by ELF is a point regarding the imperative of having our Basic Living Conditions STABLE as a starting point form which to then explore other ‘higher’ forms of Self Expression. Quite Simplistic, yet, take one look at this world and you will notice that this Simple Foundation of Basic Living Conditions we as humanity have not yet been able to provide for ourselves. Its like the entirety of Humanity is a group of adolescent’s being left at home for the evening for the first time by their parents with no idea how to take care of themselves.

I mean this I realize is the first stage of Humanities actual EVOLUTION – To create a system that provide for ALL human beings the Basic Living Conditions required for a Human Being to be Stable within their life. And this means permanently also, where these requirements are secured for a life time, from birth to death.

Investigate Basic Income Guarantee Proposal by Equal Life Foundation


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