Suppressing My Awareness of Resistance – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 398


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to deny myself living to my full potential because I have accepted and allowed myself to give power to Resistance where Its like I have become submissive to this ‘experience’ of resistance that come up towards various aspects of my life where instead of pushing through the resistance I will give into it as if it is not resistance but rather something else, something that is real, something that is valid in terms of being a legitimate reason why I am not moving/directing myself/certain aspects of my life, where I will have to claim that it is not resistance because I have already been exposed to countless support materials explaining the deception of resistance and so I have within myself already come to a position within myself of seeing that ‘resistance’ is something that when it comes up, that I should in fact walk through it, and so now when resistance comes up, I make it seem like ‘its not resistance’ so that I can justify allowing myself to take a submissive position in relation to it.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed resistance to direct me in my life, where I will within myself ignore or supress my own awareness that I am in fact resisting something and that this resistance is showing me where I can actually move/apply/direct myself, and so I will supress my awareness of the fact that I am having resistance towards something so that I can remain in submission to my resistance, and so I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to within remaining in submission to my resistance, compromise myself within my life and not actually standing up in an effective way and changing my in terms of stopping me accepting and allowing myself to be a complete slave to my programming.

I commit myself to assist and support myself to stop supressing and ignoring my awareness of my resistance but to rather when I see that I am resisting something, and also trying to justify the resistance through ignoring or supressing my awareness of myself that I am in fact resisting a point and that this is showing me where exactly I must move/direct me within my process of changing me, and so here when I see this, I commit myself to assist and support myself to physically move myself in such moments through the resistance and actually face and direct the point at hand that I am directing.

I realize that I have compromised myself extensively in my life/world through justifying my resistance, through accepting and allowing resistance to have a dominating force in my life and having power over me. I see that this ‘resistance’ is related to my mind, and my programming of and as my mind with regards to how I have created myself in such a way that I never actually Take Responsibility for myself and Stand Up within Equality and Oneness and What is Best For ALL. I see that my programming has not been programmed within the consideration of “What is Best for ALL,” and so thus, this is why I go into resistance towards certain points – especially as I walk my process of Standing UP and Living within and as the Principle What is Best for ALL because this actually entail stepping out of my Pre-Programming and so thus the resistance comes up as a indicator of when and where I am at a point where I must actually Change Me. Changing me from the perspective of moving out of my pre-programmed way of living and directing myself to LIVE where my pre-programming will not actually exist/be required but that I am in fact Moving and Directing Myself based on NEW INSTRUCTIONS that I am Giving Myself in AWARENESS where I Have checked these instructions and ensuring that these instructions are Truly what is best for all and will be a benefit to Life.

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