Art Reduced to ‘Pretty Pictures’ – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 397


Art has been linked to money. And therefore the artist must paint what sells as otherwise the livelihood of the artist trying to make a living would be at risk. Thus in order for an artist to ‘develop’ and sustain his craft and generate money to eat, and live and buy supplies, he must sell his work, and thus the art must ‘Appeal’ to the buyer.

The problem is Art that is confrontational will not sell. People do not like conflict and so art has been saturated with ‘pretty pictures’. This is essentially a ‘glazing over’ of reality.

The Problem is ART IS LINKED to MONEY.

If you look at Art, it is primarily those with extra money that buy art.

But this means that those with ‘extra’ money are likely well supported and effective within the current system. Within the current version of the world that we have created. They are supported, their lives are ‘working’ and they are being rewarded by/through the system with money – thus for them, Is there really anything wrong with this world. I mean living a life of luxury, having the ability to adorn your walls with Original Art.

Thus if as an artist you paint something controversial that say challenge the system or you use your art, your creativity to ‘speak out’ against the system – those with money will not support you because for them Capitalism is working very well, after all they have the money. It is likely their friends are also well supported in the system because birds of a feather flock together, and so why would one of these friends hand a painting of something that challenge the very system that support this entire group of people – they may risk being ostracized from the group.

And so instead we hand pretty pictures that say absolutely nothing, but mere paint a picture of a world where everything is perfectly ok.

This is a problem because art is being reduced to pretty pictures.

Eventually the dominating question for the artist becomes ‘what can I paint that sells’ not ‘how can I express myself’ this is a massive problem because this is getting away from what Art is supposed to be.


Equality based money system, Ultimately an Equal Money System starting currently with a proposed Basic Income Grant to protect the livelihoods of all individuals that are part of the system, where not a single individual would be at risk but would have ALL their basic needs met and a decent life afforded through a Basic Income Grant issued by the government – For a detailed description of how this will work please investigate the following blogs.

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The reward for Art and Artists will be astounding. This will release the Artist from ‘having to paint for money’ and the outcome of this will be……….we will have to wait and see. Art will become what it is supposed to be. It will no more be ‘under the control’ of the preferences of those with money who can afford to buy art which makes up a tiny fraction of the population. Thus Art will no more be in service of protecting the interests of those with money who’s interest is obviously protecting that system that has made there lives work but have placed so many in suffering. So then Art will no more be about Advertising. It will no more have to be based on Conditions that have been interconnected with abuse, greed, self interest,  thus it will move towards Self Expression and we will start to get a glimps of what Actual Unconditional Self Expression Looks like. Art today is Pretty Pictures perpetuating the illusion that ‘everything is fine’ meanwhile millions and millions suffer daily and struggle to find stability in a System that only works for a few not including the Planet itself which this system is also not working for.

EVERYONE CAN BE AN ARTIST – Another Reward of implementing an Equality Based Income System staring with a Basic Income Grant to ALL Citizens is now everyone can be an Artist. I meet so many people that really enjoy doing art or have always wanted to try it but can’t because they are so tied into the system, their jobs, working 9 to 5 without a minute to spare for some actual creative expression.

Well, with a basic income grant and ultimately Equal Money – It will give people Actual Choice to decide if Art is something that they would like to explore that this is something that they will actually be able to do. So if you are one of those people that have always wanted to do art but could never find the time

Educate yourself on the Basic Income Grant and Equal Money System being proposed by the Desteni Group and lets make this world, our system a Real Work of ART – Remember: In painting you must treat every inch of that Canvas with Equal measure, you cannot ignore sections of your canvas – it takes all parts working together to make a great painting. Support Equal Money to make sure every inch of our world has equal attention and care so we can make our world a Masterpiece.

DIP Lite – Free Online Course to get you started with learning the Tools of Self Support
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