Addiction Almighty (Part 2) – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 394

When and as I see myself experiencing fear and anxiety in relation to the point of and as ‘addiction’, I stop and I breathe. I realize that I had accepted and allowed myself to actually believe that “I was powerless” in relation to this point of and as ‘addiction’ and thus here was accepting and allowing myself to ‘blame’ addiction for me, for who I had become, in this, not seeing that I had in fact disempowered myself to actually correct myself and assist and support me in relation to this word/point ‘addiction’. I commit myself no more accept and allow myself to give my power away to the point(s)/word(s) ‘addict’ and ‘addiction’. I see that the definition I had/have accepted of and as the words ‘addict’ and ‘addiction’ was one where “I was disempowered and actually had no directive principle” And so I stop this accepted and allowed definition and to now whenever I am faced with this point of  ‘addict’ or ‘addiction’, I commit myself to Breath and Remain HERE in and as the Realization that I am actually 100 percent responsible for me, and so thus am able to assist and support myself to Correct any point/behavior/experience that I have accepted and allowed myself to link/connect to my previous definition of ‘addict’ and ‘addiction’

And so I am here correcting and re-aligning ‘who I am’ in relation to this point/concept of ‘addict’/’addiction’ no more accepting a disempowered ‘stand point’ and so now when ever this word/point comes up, I can simply breath and remain here instead of going into fear, and anxiety, as I no more accept and allow myself to just blindly participate with my previous accepted and allowed definition of ‘addict’/’addiction’ which implied that “I am powerless”.

When and as I see myself accepting and allowing the point of ‘addiction’/’addict’ to have power over me and be more powerful than me, I stop and I breathe. I realize to just claim ‘I am addicted’ is in fact ‘the easy way out’ where I will go into a point of blame which is in essence essentially like ‘‘stopping half way and saying ‘I can’t do it’ meanwhile never really bothering to go all the way’ in terms of really investigating and actually walking something 100 percent. I commit myself to assist and support myself to Take 100 percent responsibility for myself and to within this, to when I am looking at/working with/correcting points that I have associated with the point of ‘addict’ / ‘addiction’ to ensure that I am not investigating such points from a starting point of  ‘an addict’ or ‘being addicted’  or essentially from within and as my ‘Addict Character’ where this was used as an excuse in a way to still accept and allow myself to participate in the mind where being ‘addicted’ or ‘having an addiction’ was a ‘failsafe’ that I accepted and allowed myself to utilize whenever I really didn’t want to stop participating in the mind/addiction. I simply used this point because everyone else would to, and so it was like, ‘believable’ and ‘justified’ because ‘I was addicted’ but I see that this became a point of hiding and that I would continually ‘give-in’ at this point of ‘addiction’ and had essentially completely abdicated my directive principle to this word where I essentially became less than my own accepted and allowed definition I had given to ‘addict’/’addiction’ where I had rendered myself powerless, and so here I commit myself to Stop and Correct Myself in relation to the words ‘addict’ / ‘addiction’ so that these words no more have power over me, but that I can stand equal to them, and thus effectively Direct Myself in such moments when I faced with these points of ‘addict’/’addiction’ and thus here assisting and supporting myself to Take Full Responsibility for myself and Align myself and my living into and as what is best for all.

Now another point I see I must investigate here is the point of ‘Want’ because I see that my ‘Want’ to for instance participate within certain points (addictions) was in terms of what I am seeing, purely a ‘Want’ and so I see here that must investigate who I am in and as the word want and how I have accepted and allowed myself to in relation to this word, form the excuse as and essentially the ‘hiding place’ of and as ‘addiction’ so that I could continue to facilitate the participation in my ‘Wants’.

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