Getting Sucked Into Your Life – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 392

I went out to a BBQ today. This was good in breaking me out of my normal routine that I had set up and was living out day to day. I noticed that I was in fact quite focused on my routine in a way where it had become/was becoming in a way like the ‘main reality’. Its interesting how we can get so ‘involved’ in our lives where it takes up our total focus and attention and we in a way ‘get sucked in’ and completely focused on this tiny fraction of our lives which to us becomes like our total reality.
So it was kind of like I snapped out if it for a moment.
And I noticed how I had become so focused on my immediate environment and my routine of getting up and going to work each day that this started to become the ONLY reality in a way where everything this seems to not exist, and so today going to the BBQ it was like “oh shit – ok, right, there is other people, and other things happening in this world that is actually outside of my own personal daily routine.
Its like to us We are the center of our world and we become so focused in on our singular realities that we actually mistake this for “thee reality” but that actually we are only looking at it through a very narrow focus.
And so this is what I saw today. I saw how I had really narrowed my focus in on my life and was not really seeing/considering outside that which I encountered on a daily basis within my life.
I find this also happens allot with this world where our reality becomes what we see on our facebook wall, or see on tv, or what we encounter at work, and this becomes what we occupy ourselves with not considering the False, or Limited picture or version of reality we are actually mistaking to be ‘thee reality’ in this failing to see or consider the atrocities or abuses that take place on such a massive scale in this very moment. But we have in a way OMITTED this from our facebook wall’s….I mean our lives. Where our stream becomes only a version of reality that we have allowed. A version that fails to consider what is really going on in this world in terms of what the current state of this world actually is. Its so easy to ignore something like poverty because it is not something that gets attention. Poverty is never discussed at the job I work at, and so working there 9 to 5 everyday its like one become conditioned into mistaking that the reality they are participating in is ‘the only reality’ but forget yes, there is extreme abuses taking place in this very moment that if really put into perspective dwarf any concern or worry or doubt I might have made out to be a big deal within the context of the reality that I have constructed as my limited version of reality that I participate in.

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