Is that Art? – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 390


The problem is that Art has become ‘a thing’. You know, like a fad or style that catches on for a brief period and then is gone and onto the next. So from this perspective Art is like fashion. It is trendy. It has its styles, and looks, and essentially has become like everything else in this world. Art has become something through which one defines ones Personality. Unfortunately personality is EGO, and so Art currently exists as something one utilize to define and establish ones Ego, which we call personality or individualizing oneself, but it is really just enhancing the Ego.

Within this what happens to ART is the same thing that happens to the individual – It becomes empty. It becomes ‘all surface’, it becomes disposable in a way.

The problem is Art is not what it is supposed to be or should be, or could be, which is something that honor life or support life or support ourselves as individuals to develop and expand our awareness and living of ourselves as LIFE living to our highest potential.

Instead when we look at art these days we are often just confused and have to self consciously ask the person beside us “is that art?”

Art is something you hang on your wall or place on display as a Symbol of your Status. As a symbol of ‘who you are’ which one take so much pride in. So then the question is, does the person really like the Art in itself, or do they like the Idea that they have ‘Art’ or both? Or is what they like best about the art the idea of themselves they create in their minds in relation to owning such a piece of art. ‘They neighbors will be envious”  or “I am now better than my co-workers and friends” or “I am a supporter of the arts” or “I am such a dark and mysterious intellectual” of course this statement one thinks about themselves would depend/be related to the type of Art Work they have.

Essentially thus art has become an idea in the minds of individuals where it has become something to enhance and define our egos/personalities, and so I am going to investigate and deconstruct this conundrum of Art and in the process assist and support the transition  and Correction of Art from Art Enhancing the Ego to Art Enhancing Life.

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