Good Art Paranoia (Part 2) – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 388

This is a continuation of my last blog – Day 387


Self Correction Statements

I commit myself to assist and support myself to stop all judgements within and as myself in relation to any art or artists that I see as well as the various judgements that enter my mind during the moments I am making my art as well as looking at the art that I have made. And so here I commit myself to in the moment I am making art, to explore ways that I can support myself to become more effective within and as myself within my Living, like for instance, assisting and supporting myself to utilize art as a tool to support me to slow down and develop specificity in the expression of me where the artwork become a feedback system showing me how and where I can be more specific of what points I have become effective at.

I commit myself to realize that my art is not good or bad. It is simply he expression of me, and so thus to judge my art as good or bad is to judge me as good or bad, and so here I commit myself to investigate the relationship between the judgements that come up within me towards my art that I really react to and how this actually relates to and is a reflection of me/self.

I commit myself to when and as I see myself reacting towards the art I make where I go into a form of judgement towards it, to in such moments stop and breathe. And to realign myself to instead of reacting to look and see what the ‘reaction’ is showing me and thus where I can support myself within a point of self-refinement and correction of myself as my Daily Living, as I see the point that the reactions I have towards my art is a reflection of me and thus in fact a reaction towards who I am as the judgements, perceptions, emotional and feeling experiences I have formed about myself.

I commit myself to change my starting point towards Art that I accepted and allowed as a child  changing it from a starting point of competition where in I attempted to individualize/define myself in a way where I was special, ‘more than’ and unique in relation to the other kids, to a starting point of Equality and Inclusion where the point is no more to separate myself from others within the context of attempting to define me as ‘more than’ or ‘better than’ but to rather investigate and look how I am able to Equalize myself with others where then the Group and the principle of what is best for all becomes the starting point within which I participate within art.

I realize that the specialness that I accepted and allowed myself to attempt to create as myself through art is a Limitation as in this I am completely attempting to isolate myself from everything and everyone else and essentially CUT-OFF All of life thus taking into consideration only a fraction of the life that is here, looking at only me as Life and thus existing within the starting point of utilizing my art to direct/affect only a minuscule fraction of existence where I have essentially placed myself as the ULTIMATE point thus giving myself more value than all of the other LIFE that exist, because if I would have given ALL life equal value, my considerations within my starting point and expression of art would have taken this into consideration in terms of how such an expression can support the Existence and Benefit of ALL where this is something that I actually self honestly live and apply within my expression of art so that ALL Benefit from what I do in my expression of art where in this I Stand as an Equal Part of that ALL and benefit also.

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to within my expression of Art, ask the question ‘how can I benefit from this and become empowered’ in relation to the group, instead of asking the question ‘how can all benefit from this and how can all within the group truly become empowered’

I realize that my starting point within art stems from my starting point towards life in general where this starting point I adapted to doing my art was an extension of the ‘survival of the fittest’ starting point that I had towards living in general where then thus my art became a tool that I used as a weapon to compete and WIN against/over others, attempting to distinguish myself as ‘more than’ others as I fought for ‘life’ in Fear, and so hence here made fear the starting point of my expression in art,

I commit myself to put an end to the starting point I have established and lived within and as myself throughout my life towards life that has been based in fear, and essentially the nature that we as humanity have accepted and allowed ourselves to be and become, that of fear, that of greed, that of competition, that of evil essentially, fighting amongst ourselves, and so here I commit myself to assist and support myself to change my starting point within art to actual Living, where it no more is used as a weapon in the war of competition but rather a tool in the application of establishing a Humanity that work together as a group on earth to establish a Living System where each and every point is empowered and thriving as life should be. A system of equality which we as humanity is responsible for and capable of living.

I commit myself to assist and support myself to end all judgements I have towards myself and my art so that thus my application in art become a process of identifying any judgements that come up, identifying and naming them, and then assisting and supporting myself through self-forgiveness to no more judge myself/life in any way so that I can simply live here in equality and oneness with Life instead of in the constant sew-saw battle of who I am as either better than or lesser than as the polarity judgements that I have accepted/adapted as my ‘normal’ mode of participating/existing throughout my life.

I commit myself to when I am going to do some art to assist and support myself to breathe and walk through the process within a point of Hereness and Stability where the point is to assist and support myself to NOT go into positive and negative energy within my experience but to assist and support myself to simply remain Stable and HERE within and as myself SELF and expressing myself within a point of Hereness instead of energy fluctuation that goes up and down where then my expression becomes subject to that energy fluctuation/judgements. So thus here I commit myself to when and as I am going to do a piece of art to assist and support myself to walk through that process within a point of Self Stability, and Constancy. And that when I do see myself going into an energy experience, to identify the nature/origin of that experience, so that I can correct myself thus assisting and supporting myself to align myself with the actual reality of the physical instead of the mental reality of the mind existing in judgements, competition, interpretation, self interest ect.

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