Avoiding Controversy – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 369

So I am going to take a moment and reflect on ‘who I was’ within my first year of walking my Journey To Life blogs. I realized today that although I did already pass my day 365 and also ‘made a note of it’, that I actually didn’t really look back and reflect on the process that I walked, looking at where were my strengths, where were my weakness’s, who I was, and what I require to now do in my process moving forward. So this is what I am going to look at now.

One decision that made I around the time I started my journey to life blog was to ‘pull back’ in my visibility on the internet. I had been taking a more visible standpoint previously but overall and particularly with my journey to life blog, I decided that I would not ‘push it’.

I thought that it would ‘make things easier’ in a way from the perspective of in doing this that I would reduce internal conflicts that were being ignited within me on account of having my blogs for instance posted on my facebook page. One of the primary ‘internal conflicts’ for instance being related to me worrying about who will see my blog and read my blog and know what I stand for, whether that be family members, relatives, friends, acquaintances, work colleges, employers etc.

So I wrote the blog but more kept it ‘low key’.

I was also during this past year, in contact with my family members allot more, and so part of my ‘keeping a low key profile’ was related to this where I really did not want my family to read my blogs and think ‘there was something wrong with me’. So in a way the ME that I lived in my everyday life who I presented myself as was not the Full picture so to speak. If you want a more complete picture then you can read my blogs, but the thing is, is that people never want the full picture, they just want the edited version so everyone can continue existing how they always have which is based on sharing only a fraction of who self really is, and is more related to acting out our daily LIEves, in a very calculated and programmed way. And I see that actually I preferred this also, so cannot simply say “its others” who don’t like seeing/hearing the full picture, I see that this was/is in fact me also, where ‘Id really rather not get into things’ and so am quite fine with just presenting some personality to everyone so that we can all get along and smile.

My decision to reduce my visibility over the last 1 to 2 years, and particularly with deciding to keep my JTL blogs more ‘low key’ was also to do with MONEY and SURVIVAL.

I had this idea that to be more VISIBLE in this regard as to what I am busy Supporting and Walking in conjunction with the Desteni Group would make it more difficult to integrate into the System so to speak. I was in the Job Market and I did not want to make it more difficult for me to find employment based on the controversial nature of the Message I support. So I wanted to test if this made any difference or not in my finding a job and/or establishing myself within an effective position in the system. So far I have found not much if any difference at all.

So Visiblity…

That has been one point I have ‘struggled’ with during this Journey To Life so far. I say ‘struggled’ because It’s like I was never sure how I should go about this visibility point.

I mean it’s strange that Equality and Speaking up for Actual Human Rights is considered a THREAT to our System. Fascinating really, as this then show our current system has nothing to do with Equality or Human Rights.

It really show how fucked up our world is currently and the Strangle Hold MONEY has on everyone/everything Where I feared speaking up about Equality and Making my Stance Visible about Standing with a group that is presenting a WORLD SOLUTION that is based on principles of equality and oneness and what is best for all, because I feared that this would make it more difficult for me to acquire money. No wonder no solution has ever been visible in this world, because money has everyone by the throats and everyone is busy doing everything possible to get more money, and so advocating any kind of Actual Solution for this world is like a threat to this purpose. A threat to money, because atm money in terms of how it is set up within the parameters of ‘everyone for themselves’ is part of the problem.

So I must re-address this point of Visibility for myself at this stage and make a decision on how I will move forward within my Daily Journey To Life Writings.

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