I Wouldn’t Have Thought It Possible – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 365

Andrew GableSo today is my 365th day writing my Journey To Life blog. “An Artists Journey To Life” It seems like just yesterday when I made the commitment to walk the journey to life in committing myself to blog everyday for 7 years. I remember in the beginning I had different experiences coming up within me in relation to this commitment. But I just stuck to my commitment to blog everyday. Occasionally I would miss a day but I found as I continued to walk this point it in a way became easier to do a blog every day. Seeing other people who had also committed to walking the journey life blogs walking with absolute consistency supported me to realize that “if they can do it, I can do it” and so I simply did it. Finding that I was able to post everyday.

I have never taken on anything like this before. The point of blogging everyday requires me to arrange my life so that I have the time to write a blog each night, which is when I normally write my blog, and then to post it. Lol– for a period of about 2 month, I had no internet and so I would write my blog each night and then every couple days go to the local coffee shop and post them. So simply found a way to stick to my point of writing for myself each night. Taking a moment, to go over my day and write about myself, to investigate myself, to assist and support myself in my process of getting to know myself.

I see that I am really just getting started in getting to know myself and I am grateful that I have walked this process. I mean, even after 365 days of writing everyday I can see how much of a mess I am, or am still in, and so for anyone considering walking such a point, I recommend not putting if off because man we require some serious sorting out and it is a long road ahead.

I must here recognize the Group Effort as well, as having a group to walk with has supported me immensely in staying the course.

All in All, even though it is a pretty cool point to have reached, there is really no fireworks to report on this day 365.

I will say that this Journey has DEFIED who I thought I was. So in this way I have broken with a point of programming that I would not have if not for this Process I have committed myself to walk and thus this Journey to Life Blog as well. I would have never fathomed me doing such a thing. I would not have conceived it. Let alone believed myself capable of doing it after I had conceived it. But here I am having done something that is so unlike me, that is so ‘not me’ as who I had believed and defined myself to be. I have really proven to myself that I am capable of being ‘more’ than I have allowed myself to think I am. So that is pretty cool.

Ok enjoy.


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