Comparison and Competition in ART – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 362

In my last few blogs I have been exploring ‘the state of ART’ and in this looking at our current accepted and allowed definition and expression of ART in this world and investigating what points within our current ‘version’ of art requires a Re-Alignment so that ART become an Expression that Support Life within the context of equality and oneness and what is best for all.

So today I was at my Job and the Job actually entails doing art. I noticed a few different points coming up inside me in relation to the art/my approach to it,  that definitely only contribute to the abuses prevalent within our current expression/definition of Art. In my last few blogs I had also touched upon the point of ‘Self’ from the perspective of how in our Correction and Purification of our current accepted and allowed definition of ART that we within this Correct and Purify ourselves and essentially it is Ourselves in our own Living Expression that is the source of any dysfunction that exist in this world and so in this case the dysfunctions proliferating within our current expression of ART.

So here I am going to explore some of the relationships as acceptances and allowances that I see within me that I am still LIVING in relation to my expression of art that I realize are not in fact based within Principles aligned with manifesting what is best for all.


I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to when and as I approach doing art, particularly when and as I approached doing my art piece today, to accept and allow the point of COMPARISON to come up within me as part of my expression of ART, as part of the ingredients that I accept and allow within me to inform what make up my definition and expression of art.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed Comparison to be part of my starting point in doing art, where then it becomes my purpose in art to ‘do better than others’ or ‘be the best’ instead of doing art for myself in a way that is Supportive within the context of what is best for all, like for instance using my application of art as a tool to investigate and learn about myself.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to ‘want to have the best piece’ and to have accepted and allowed this ‘want’ to become a dominant influence in my expression of myself within doing art where its like this point will keep coming up within me as I am working where I will think about how the other guys are doing and then compare what I am doing to them, where this actually become a constant distraction from me just being HERE in and as Breath expressing myself unconditionally.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to DESIRE to do a really go art piece where this DESIRE is formed in comparison to other artists and all the art that I have seen in my life-time, in various contexts where my application and expression of doing art has been in a way contaminated by this point of Comparison, and the belief that I formed that the purpose of ART is to ‘be better than everybody else’ where this has thus become my ‘approach’ to doing art.

I commit myself to assist and support myself to remove Comparison out of/from my starting point/approach/expression of ART, and to within this assist and support myself to explore ways to express me in ART without going into comparison of what I am doing to others, where I in this start to compete and want to do something better than what they are doing. And so also, I commit myself to assist and support myself to continue working with this point so that I ensure that there exist no more relationships within my approach to doing art that is abusive in nature and thus would produce abusive results

When and as I see myself directing myself in my art  in relation to a thought of comparison where I see that the purpose of my direction is abusive and evil in nature such as to simply WIN, to simply be better or be more than others/my peers, I STOP and I breathe. I realize that my Direction in such an instance is being fueled by comparison and essentially greed and self interest and I am here to assist and support myself to Stop such behaviors and applications in my expression of art, and thus to instead align my expression of ART to be Self Supportive and Supportive to Others and LIFE in a way that actually nurture and contribute in ways that is BEST FOR ALL, and so thus, I in that moment STOP and do not accept and allow myself to direct/move myself in relation to comparison, and so thus I in this such moment, Change my starting point and ask myself the question “Is my Direction within what I am doing here best for all?” and “If it is not – Is the direction then Valid?” and “How can I thus change my Direction here so that I am in fact moving myself within Art as an Expression of me where I am really just investigating and exploring and enjoying me without the need to compete or win. And so here I commit myself to investigate and explore how I can Return Art to Innocence in a way and discover how to in fact express myself in ART ways that no more is founded on Self Interest and Inequality. But rather, Self Support, Self Enjoyment, Equality, playfulness, and other points that can be LIVED and EXIST within the context of producing what is best for all and contributing to ourselves as life/human beings to live to our utmost potential.



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