The Secret to Unlocking your Creative Potential – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 361

How To Reach Your Highest Creative Potential as an Artist.

Equality must be part of the foundation that create the circumstances for creativity to reach its highest potential.

In our current capitalistic system creativity and art is doomed and dare I say has never exited?

In exploring this point of ‘how to reach ones highest creative potential as an Artist/Human Being’, I see that there is 2 facets of this equation. The ‘inner’ and the ‘outer.’ So as I continue to open up and investigate this point I will be having a look at both sides here. Taking a look at what goes into establishing the parameters that would cultivate a beings highest expression, and in this case I am simply coming at it from the stating point of ART, and Artists, as that is my background as well as this in a way being a Symbol for Creativity in our current world.

So yes, as I mentioned CAPITALISM or, our current system. The relationships and values that currently govern our current way of life is NOT suitable for ART to ever become anything more than simply a SLAVE to the Interests of those with Money.

So what I want to Propose here is an Actual SOLUTION, as the parameters that will produce Masterpieces beyond what we at the moment are accepting as ‘our great art and artists’ We don’t have master-pieces actually – we have slave-pieces.  Art/Artists enslaved to money, Art/Artists enslaved to our current value system, Art/Artists a slave to CONsciousness as the current collective mental realities that constitute our opinions, ideas, likes, dislikes, beliefs, religions, etc. Essentially Art/Artists a slave to PROGRAMMING.

There is however an alternative and that is the Equal Money System as being proposed by the Desteni Group.

So in this Blog I will first start off by looking at the ‘outer’ as the Practical Physical Environment that will be created through and as the equal money system and how this practical physical environment will stand as a Foundation for the Highest Potential within Creative Expression to emerge.

If you look at how our Current System is functioning you will find that the basic needs of humanity is grossly neglected where rather you have a system that we have all collectively maintained that operates only to produce a kind of utopia for a small percentage of the ‘elite’ population while the rest suffer and fight and struggle to live and find a way to have a decent life. Now what you also have is a small percentage of the population actually developing into their actual full potential as they have the best support that money can buy. Because they have the money, they have access to all the ingredients to producing a highly effective human being. Of course some people have access to some of these ingredients but not ALL. This has been allocated to only a small portion of our society.

In an Equal Money System, these INGREDIENTS which can also be understood as HUMAN RIGHTS will be available for ALL EQUALLY. So what you will have in an Equal Money System, is ALL human beings being placed in a situation for them to reach their utmost potential as human beings as they will have access to ALL the necessary natural ingredients that is integral to facilitating the highest potential of the human system. For a list of these HUMAN RIGHTS with which an Equal Money System will be founded please visit the Equal Life Foundation Facebook Page.

So I would suggest for those really interested in the Evolution of Art FOR REAL to investigate what is being proposed by the Desteni Group as the Equal Money System and the Principles of Equality, because the limitations we are currently accepting within and as Artistic Expression today is astounding. Astounding that what we have reduced to our current definition or PRODUCTS and MARKETERS……Oh sorry, I mean ART and ARTISTS is somehow passing as a Valid and Worthy manifestation. I mean – The Joke is Up, its time to recognize what we all are seeing already as the deterioration of ART within our CONSUMERIST Driven world, and thus we must Stand up and Take Responsibility for this expression of ourselves if it is something that we’d really like to keep around within our world. So again, investigate CONSTITUTIONAL EQUALITY and the EQUAL MONEY SYSTEM as a SOLUTION for not merely ART but for HUMANITY and LIFE as a Whole.


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One thought on “The Secret to Unlocking your Creative Potential – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 361

  1. I was recently hearing that, in our society as it exists today, we are no longer able to see another Beethoven or another Da Vinci, because there is o chance or opportunity for it, those people had to commit their lives to what they do, and now, in this world today, we are more focused on survival than into bringing a solution that can alow us to express ourselves unconditionally

    Thanks Andrew

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