Chicken Killed at Art School and the STATE of ART – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 359


duchamp_fountainRecently a story has surfaced of an art student from the Alberta College and Design, ‘slaughtering’ a live chicken in the cafeteria during lunch hour as part of a sculpture assignment where students were tasked with ‘interpreting’ the theme “Fact or Fiction”.
The event has drawn quite a bit of media attention and has also resulted in the Dismissal of the head of the sculpture department. An instructor with the school for over 30 years.
I was a graduate from the Alberta College of Art and Design and interestingly I had actually taken one of the classes of the recently dismissed instructor and there is even a possibility that I was also given this same assignment.

So from here I am going to start opening up this point of “The State of Art” in our world and exploring and investigating how ART along with the rest of everything else that we are currently accepting and allowing on planet earth has grown to be quite a fucked up mess to put it bluntly.
Now in terms of “Our Fucked Up Mess” I mean all one has to do is turn on the news to see the obvious abuses taking place; the bombings, wars, starvation, violence, school shootings, wage slavery, unemployment, debt, drug addiction, obesity epidemic, our hyper sexualisation of reality, our addiction to pharmaceutical drugs, our addiction to natural resources like Oil; pulling it from the earth at an unsustainable rate, all of this which is essentially deteriorating the conditions of our system and of our planet that has now been more than showing through the cracks for sometime but somehow amazingly we as humanity have been able to continue living in our blissful mind realities as if ‘everything is just fine’.

And so you can add Art to the list of our fuckedupness as well. I mean it is in the principle of ‘macro micro’ or ‘fractals’ or ‘how you do one thing is how you do all things’ ART has a role to play in our world. And currently the role of art is the same as the role of everything else in our system. To Keep it Functioning! To keep the cogs turning, to keep our System of Abuse alive and ‘functioning’ if we can call it that – More like FUCKtioning.

So back to the incident at hand.

One of the points that came up within me when learning about this particular ‘performance piece’ where the student ”cut the chicken’s throat… bled it into a metal pot and then plucked its feathers.”

Who is guiding this is young artist to be?
Who is guiding the instructor who guiding he artist?
Who is guiding school principals that is guiding the instructor?
Who is guiding the country mandate that is guiding the schools?
I mean should not the country have a standard set of principals that is walked by its citizens to ensure the Support and Care of LIFE in all moments?

This this is is a Human Rights Issue – but I mean if one look around – those don’t really exist do they?
The problem here is VAST and what I see is an event where really nobody knows exactly what to do about it which can be seen in the kind of mixed responses that this evet is getting where you have some supporting the artist and others not at all.
In this case the teacher was ‘dismissed’ and in a way is acting as the scapegoat in this instance so everyone can wipe their hands clean and say “there, we solved the problem” without actually addressing the point at all.
I mean – Isn’t this supposed to be an ART SCHOOL?
Are Artists not supposed to be CREATIVE, INQUISITIVE, THINKERS? I mean if a SOLUTION should emerge for such abuses taking place in this world, you’d think a place apparently representing ‘thinking outside the box’ would have one?
Sadly no.
Artists and Art Schools are just like everyone and everything else in this world. LOST! Running around like ‘Chickens with our heads cut off’.
Art has become an EXCUSE in this world. I mean Art is that place that exist where one do not have to take accountability. It reflects our collective attitude that we have LIVED that has essentially facilitated the increasing Destruction of our planet.
Art has become that ‘blurry line’ where we in a way detach ourselves from the truth of our reality and convince ourselves that everything is ok, convince ourselves that contrary to what the Cold Hard Truths of our Physical Reality our showing us.
Art School is supposed to cultivate and nurture creativity, but its more helping us ‘practice-in’ our ability to turn a blind eye. Our ability to convince ourselves there is ‘something there’ that actually isn’t.
Art and Art Schools has supported us to Believe in Illusion, to lose sight of reality instead of doing the opposite, instead of grounding ourselves in what is REAL. Art is one of the biggest lies on the planet. Where the ‘Artist’ is made out to be some ‘mystical being’ that ‘you just can’t seem to put your finger on’.
Art has become our application of perfecting our ability to convince ourselves of a reality that is not there.
And so like everything else in this world Art must change and become a real expression of LIFE. An Expression aligned with actually bringing human beings together to address the real problems of this world and produce a SOLUTION.

Ok so I am going to stop here for today but will continue in other blogs investigating the Conundrum of Art and also as I walk through this point, present a SOLUTION to assist and support the Aligning of ART and ARTISTS to REAL HUMAN RIGHTS thus stopping the continued acceptance of  ART as a Vehicle that has only perpetuated the delusion of Humanity aiding us in our self induced blindness to the real abuses that exist as our Actual Reality,  instead of ART being a Vehicle for what it is supposed to really do which is to develop Real Self Awareness and Support ourselves to Live to our Utmost Potential and CREATING a TRUE Work of ART, a World that is BEST FOR ALL.


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