REALationship – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 358

‘A Relationship with myself’ – What does this mean? I have been exploring this point for some time now. The point of ‘working on my self relationship’, ‘my relationship with me’ but what does this actually mean because how can one have a relationship with oneself? I mean that imply a kind of split personality, where one would have 2 personalities having a relationship with each other. So what I realized yesterday in opening up this point regarding ‘relationships’ is that this is actually quite a vast point with multiple dimensions and so I am here continuing my investigation into this point of ‘Relationships’ and essentially, discovering and redefining this term/concept/word for myself simply initially as a point of Self Investigation to develop my self awareness of myself, and yes, there seeing the “Self Relationship” point. I am here essentially exploring myself, looking and investigating the functioning of me so I can see WTF is going on within me and within this world.

Yesterday when I started writing about this point I was looking more directly at ‘Human Relationships’. The Relationship between one human being and another. This is typically what comes up within people at the moment when the word ‘Relationship’ is uttered. Its like people automatically think about “the opposite sex’ for instance, and dating, and boyfriends and girlfriends, and romantic comedy movies, and marriage, and SEX! You get my drift.  I mean this is quite a Prominent Dimension of how we have collectively defined the word Relationship within our world.

So what I am going to do here is more look at this ‘point’ of ‘Relationship’ within the context of SELF. And the question of “What does it mean to have a Relationship with Oneself?”

When I sit down to write. To investigate in writing, my experience, my thoughts, my life, my world, my reactions, my fears, my memories, etc. That is me ‘working on my relationship with me’. Essentially getting to know myself. Getting to know my Mind. Getting to know my body. I mean where do I stop and my body begin?” It has been quite interesting to walk this Process of Self Change, of Self Investigation, of Self Writing, of Writing my Journey to Life and assisting and supporting myself to ‘Discover Myself’. Until I began this, I had really no awareness of the different Dimensions of myself. I had never considered The ‘Relationship’ between my Mind and my Body, or my Body and my Self or my Self and my Mind, Or the relationship between the various dimensions of the mind alone, or the body alone. I had accepting ‘thinking’ or ‘thoughts’ as ‘a natural process’ just because ‘they were there’. I had not ever considered investigating them and discovering how a thought is created. It was like I just accepted this aspect of my reality as ‘a mystery’ in fact, It had not crossed my awareness to even do this, It was in a way an impossibility. Though it was not even that. I simply had not ever considered. And so “The Relationship with Myself” is me getting to know and discovering ALL of me.

I will continue in my next blog with this point of exploring and essentially Re-Defining the word ‘Relationship’ because as of up to now I had/have accepted a very limited definition of the word relationship, and so as I walk through this point I will open this ‘word’ up and expand myself/awareness of myself in and as the word ‘Relationship’

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