Job Security or Job Secrecy? – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 354

During the last 3 years I have worked many different Jobs. I have in essence been walking the ‘Job Market’ seeing ‘what’s out there’ for individuals looking to have a career in the System.

When I was in my 20’s I went to Art School. Granted that may have not been the most practical choice, though nobody told me that? I mean you’d think they’d outlaw such a point within the system or really limit the amount of individuals that qualify for such a point seeing as how there is only a slim handful of jobs available in our system for Artists.

Instead I received a big LOAN from the government to support me in going to art school only to find that after I graduated that there is virtually no such thing as a job for artists.

So why was I lead on in this way? From my very Government? That is not only irresponsible, it is cruel, in fact it should be a prosecutable crime given the fact that ones life literally depend on a stable job in this world. I mean No Job – No Money.

Then when realizing this retraining becomes a problem because it is another time investment and thus monetary investment but how do I get the money with not suitable job…it’s a catch 22.

So I have spent the last 3 years browsing the job market for anything I could find that suited my skill set. Attempting to find something/somewhere I could make a career for myself.

I ended up working mostly labour jobs, though over the last three years I have done, landscaping, lawn care, stonemasonry, snow removal, horse care, furniture assembly, treeplanting, more landscaping, and things like that. Overall I have been exposed to 8 different organizations…actually 9 with my most recent endeavors.

Moving from job to job has been an interesting experience. One thing in particular I found interesting is that you get to see how different companies and organizations operate and function – And HOLY SHIT, I must say, I am surprised at the discrepancy between the various companies I have worked for in terms of how the day to day operations are run.

I found this quite interesting and normally one of the things I was keen on understanding as I walked into each company/organization is how the boss run and manage his/her company.

Some were very structured and rigid, others were more disorganized, I mean I am surprised that you can have 2 companies, in a way, literally working beside each other on the same job site for instance, with such different approaches and styles in terms of how each company was run.

The point I wanted to get into today however is related to “Money” (Isn’t it always).

Its sometimes quite stressful starting a new job because you don’t know ‘how things are run’ and it is very possible you end up in a situation where ‘what has been promised to you’ so to speak, will actually not materialize.

In our current system everybody hides their money.

Nobody really knows the real truth behind the words you are being fed by your employer or contractor. It is like there is absolutely no Trust or Integrity in our current system.

One point that I see in terms of a difference between how our current system of capitalism runs and Equal Money Capitalism as being proposed by the Desteni Group. Is that in Equal Money – EVERYTHING WILL BE VISIBLE. It will no longer be a poker game between employees and employers and contractors and clients, each holding their cards close to their chest not wanting to give anything away. I mean I have found this creates quite allot of stress in for instance myself as an employer because I have no idea if the company I am Committing to work for will even exist next month, or be able to pay me. Of course the Boss will never tell you this. Their role in our system is to give the illusion that their company is doing very well and strong and give you the employee the confidence to commit yourself to the point, even if the company is one bill away from bankruptcy. That is never discussed, instead everything is presented to picture perfect.

What would be great – is if the Boss sat you down in the beginning and give you a spread sheet showing you the bank accounts and spending habits of the company, where the sales come from, how much the employees make and how the money is moving in the company. Instead its like a don’t ask don’t tell kind of story where it is like implied that the employee must simply TRUST that everything will work out.

Human beings are functioning on Self Interest – I mean of course you do not want to show your employees your paper work if you are a boss – because then they’d likely see how they are simply being exploited while the ‘higher ups’ make all the money.

In an equal money system this “keeping your cards close to your chest” will be no more – Everything will be open so that an employer has access to how the money moves in a company.

This way for instance when one move from one job to another – they are not stepping into it completely blind like it is now, not knowing if their livelihood is secure or not.

This is just one way our current system of capitalism has gotten way out of hand and one point that will be corrected within Equal Money Capitalism.

In Equal Money Capitalism this “standing on a prayer” type situation in todays job market will no more exist, and individuals will be provided with a Stable Relevant Job as a GARUNTEED HUMAN RIGHT.

So that they no more have to walk into a job completely blind trying to ‘read between the lines’ to figure out if they will be able to support their family next month with the basic necessities to live.

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