Standing on Ethereal Ground – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 350

One point I have came across recently as I have started a new job is that ‘everyone has an opinion’. I have noticed that within myself I have generated fear through believing such opinions.

Opinions are so ethereal – meaning they can change in an instant.

It is interesting how I can believe so much in an opinion and build trust on an opinion or idea to only have that ‘trust’ dissipate in one single moment.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to place my trust in opinions and ideas and to actually trust this trust and so making decisions based on this trust that I have placed on ideas and opinions that exactly that – ideas and opinions that often have no physical backing or foundation in anything that is real and stable physically to the degree that should be required before one structure ones life around it.

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to “stick to the physical” in where I trust that which is here, practically, physically, stable, and simply “stay out of” opinions and ideas, that is just talk and not something that is here, that may or may not materialize – yet I have placed my trust in such points as if they are certain, and so I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to develop certainty within myself based on opinions and ideas, which is certainly NOT certain.

I commit myself to ALIGN myself to what is Practically Physically HERE, and to measure my reality and the movement of my reality according to what is Practically Physically REAL, and to stop TRUSTING peoples words and opinions in where I will build and construct ideas in my own mind that feel real, that seem real, but that is NOT in fact real as a Practical Physical Thing that is HERE.

I commit myself to investigate my reality to understand how to ‘read’ the physical, meaning to make practical decisions based on physical structure and to stop trusting empty words, empty ideas, empty ideas that claim something that is in fact NOT practically physically structurally HERE.

I see that I have throughout my life, come to place my trust in the Phantoms within my mind that are the thoughts, feelings, emotions, ideas, instead of trusting what is Practically Physically HERE, and that in this I have moved myself according to these Phantoms instead of moving myself according Real Physical Reality. It is interesting because then suddenly I will have a shock within myself because an point/idea that I thought was real and tangible suddenly shift and my entire experience shift. I see that when this happens it is indicating how much of myself I had placed into an opinion, an idea, a thought. When I am grounded in Real Physical Reality and not trusting and chasing Phantoms in my mind, where the thing suddenly disappear right before my eyes as it was not in fact real, I am ok because I was not disillusioned by the illusion in my mind but am grounded in what is really HERE as this REALITY.

So I see how I have become so used to building my entire experience of myself around ideas in my mind and thus that experience is subject to sudden changes as thoughts change quickly when/as they are not grounded in real physical facts, and so the point I see here is that I still must assist and support myself to ALIGN myself to the Physical Reality so that I do not deceive myself into believing opinions and ideas that is like presenting itself as being REAL and Trustworthy.

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