A Thousand Grueling Paths For Every Easy One – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 346

I have been writing about a point that has come up in relation to ‘new job’ that I have been interviewing for and so again am going to continue opening up and clarifying this point as I have noticed that it is still quite extensive, and it is exactly this ‘extensiveness’ that is intriguing in a way and really make me notice like “wtf – I am reacting quite a bit here, what is Up”.
What I have been looking at is a “fear of the negative” in this case I have associated my new job with a ‘new life’ with a ‘better life’ and within this Fear not getting the job as then I would be going back to the ‘old patterns’ the ‘old life’ and particularly the ‘Negative’.
So what I see, is that I am clearly ‘Not Ok’ simply being anywhere and standing anywhere which I can see due to the nature of my reaction towards “going back to where I was”
What is interesting is – Why is there so many places in the System that is undesirable. Its like the System is constructed out of so many points creating the system as a whole. But soooooo many of these points, is like “not so cool” to stand in. Like for instance working at an animal slaughtering factory, or doing hard labor, or working in a sweat shop.
So when this “new opportunity” came up it was like it was 1 on a million.
That there was 1 cool position in the system for every 1 million shit positions.
I realize that the point is simply not to try and just escape all the shit, and find that one point if you are lucky where you are satisfied with your position in the system. It is to Correct our Lives, our System so that WE DO NOT FEAR WHERE WE END UP – And thus basing this on a point of Equality, so that no matter where you are in this world, this system, You are satisfied. I mean at this stage you could end up as the single mother working 2 jobs, or the middle aged man with no education and no job skills. Or homeless, or foodless, or the Rhino getting his tusk sawed off.
So the point I realize is to Face this Shit – To Take Responsibility for what is HERE and Direct it into a point of Equality and Effectiveness, so that no matter where you are, you are supported and in a cool position, and then you are free to move and try new things and it will not be based on trying to escape some “negative experience” or like trying to escape the daily grind of the system, working 9 to 5 for minimum wage while the rich siphon the rest of the money into their bank accounts to support their exclusive “positive point” within this world where the majority of paths to be walked in the system is not really designed in a way that really Support Human beings to live a full and enriched life.
So yes, what I see and realize, is that the point here is that it is time to Face what we have created and CORRECT it so that it is Best for ALL and ones Stability and Enjoyment is NOT subject to fall out beneath their feet in a single moment as Stability and Enjoyment in this system as become a rarity, and so thus time to get REAL and Sort out this Mess and Direct Our World into that which is Best for ALL.
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One thought on “A Thousand Grueling Paths For Every Easy One – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 346

  1. Pues que te digo: Que si,que el principal objetivo en este proceso que estamos caminando es ese ; dedicarnos a cambiarnos por dentro y por fuera para hacer una diferencia en este mundo creando y queriendo lo que es mejor para todos..Gracias.

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