The Economics of Confidence – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 333

The following is an excerpt from – Creations Journey To Life – Day 354: Bitcoin and Rumors

“The Proponents of Bitcoin are Facing the Truth of being Subject to the Whims of Rumors and these Rumors are called ‘Market Forces’ – that is when you are Functioning with a Currency Ideology that is Not based on Constitutional Value, you even have that with Gold – so even a Gold Based Currency is Subject to Rumors and thus Subject to sudden drops of Values, which allow Some to Make Fortunes (the 1% normally) and the 99% to Lose the Value and the Faith they’ve placed in some ideology. You cannot base economics on Ideology – You have to Base it on a Constitutional Value.
The Only Value that Each Human Being Actually Value and would like to be at the Highest Level possible – is the Value of Life. The Equal Money System is a Constitutional Currency based on a Stable Value, the Value being Life. Thus, it’s Not Subject to Rumors and therefore the Value does Not Rise or Fall – it’s simply the Value of Life.”

What I find is that this works exactly the same with ones Confidence in oneself. I noticed this in particular in relation to a point that came up (again) the other day. I was going to a job interview and the interview required me to wear nice clothes. I was also wanting to make a good impression on the interviewers so within this I was trying to make myself appear confident. So then comes the question what is the difference between real confidence and projected confidence?
I see that real confidence would not be determined on the outcome of the interview that I was going to, but would remain stable as who I am regardless if the interview went well or not.
I noticed that I would kind of go into these ’bouts’ of confidence where for some moments I would have like this ‘confidence’ but then I would catch myself doing it. I would catch myself existing in this ‘fake confidence’ that is subject to a sudden drop in value, where like one little thing can suddenly change my entire experience of me where one moment I am confident and then the next suddenly not – thus indicating my confidence is not real in the first place because if it was REAL, I would be certain of it and it would not waiver with the slightest breeze of the wind. It does not matter how well I “project” confidence. If it is not real, it is not real.
From my perspective what I see is that Real Confidence is based on Self Honesty. I am not confident in myself when I know I bull-shit myself. When I have excuses, when I do not honor other Life or myself within a point of equality.
So as the quote above points out – “you cannot base on economy on ideaolgy – you have to based on Constitutional Value” And so I see the same works for Self Confidence. It cannot be based on anything other than “The Only Value that Each Human Being Actually Value and would like to be at the Highest Level possible – is the Value of Life”
My confidence must not be based on and thus fluctuate according to how much money I do or do not have, or what kind of relationship I do or do not have, or what kind of job, or how many friends, or the kind of car I drive, or what i look like, how attractive or unattractive I am, how smart I am, how good I am at something, or what kind of clothes I wear. It must stand in all contexts, thus I see that if my confidence actually change when I wear different clothing, that that is indicating a very superficial, influential and subject to sudden drops in value type confidence that has no stability.
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to live my life Daily in a way that produce no REAL confidence that stand as a pillar unwavering within me. But that I have accepted and allowed myself to concern myself with things in life that actually hold no real value that is based on the value of LIFE in fact, but that is only based on the value system/structure of the ego that has been determined by media and pop culture which place value in presentation with no real substance at all behind the picture.
I commit myself to re-look at where I have placed what I value within my life to have created myself in such a way where my Self Confidence has no Strength or Stability within me but fluctuate in value with he slightest change in the wind or idea that pop into my head where suddenly my experience within me completely change and I can find myself one minute feeling confident and in the next instance feeling inadequate.

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