Wage Inequality in the Work Place – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 331

So tomorrow I have an interview at an art gallery. It is a ‘group interview’ which I inquired about a few days ago. I am nervous about it but have ‘reasoned’ with myself that “it does not matter” how it goes. Within myself I see that I have a desire for everything to go perfect and I see how I have been going into my’ imagination ‘ and playing-out different scenarios about how it will go.

I have also been working another job right now doing stone masonry which I have been doing for about a month and half.
The masonry job is actually quite Artistic and really, I find any jobs related to building homes to be very creative and artistic. I have been working in one of the wealthiest parts of the city and some of those homes are quite beautiful. Its quite interesting actually to see all the different crews responsible for the various parts of the home carrying out their skilled labor, from landscaping to carpentry and wood workers, to the windows and doors guys, to the stone masons to the stuco guys, to the pool installers, to the electricians, and a multitude of other contractors – its quite a production and just fascinating to see a home being constructed from the ground up. Obviously the KEY component within all this is MONEY. Here I am working on a multi-million dollar home, with something like 8 bedrooms, 4, bathrooms, marble floors and counter tops, a pool with a waterfall overlooking the ocean, and a massive wine rack designed to hold bottles of wine more expensive than my monthly rent that I struggle to pay on the wage I get for doing the job. It’s interesting to see all the workers working for months on a home for one single family.
How is the world so unbalanced?

Why does one family get to live in a mansion where their every desire is bought and paid for, while the people actually building this dream with their hands, their sweat, their labor, have to pool their money each morning to see if they can come up with cash to put in enough fuel in their truck to make it to the job site?
Another thing I have noticed is that individuals doing the EXACT same job get paid different wages depending on the company you work for?

Where is the Common Sense?

You have one carpenter here making 25 dollars an hour, and across the city have the exact same labor being performed at times by someone more skilled or proficient being paid 14 dollars an hour?
Our System is so fucked up yet, no one seems to ask any questions about it but just accept it as “the way it is” and try to make the Best of it.
This is why I Support Equal Money Capitalism as being proposed by the Desteni Group because this is the only place I have found that is actually addressing the Inequalities of the System, questioning them and PROPOSING AN ACTUAL SOLUTION to this mess of a world that we have collectively accepted as ‘normal’ and ‘just the way it is’
For more information please visit – equalmoney.org


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