I Will Never Accomplish Anything – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 305

Today I wanted to start looking more specifically at the point of “me never getting anywhere in my life” I have started to touch on this point in recent blogs but am now going to investigate this perception/belief I have formed about “me or my life never getting anywhere”

I have been experiencing allot of frustration lately within my life and really feeling kind of hopeless in relation to being able to actually “do something with my life” It is like there is no openings, no cracks it seems for me to break through but more like all the walls are just slowly closing in around me.

Its like nothing ever seems to work with my life and so this is the point I will be looking at and in this assisting and supporting myself to “not give up” so to speak but doing what is necessary to become the Director of Myself and My Life. Something that I at the moment do not feel like at all and in a way feel hopeless about ever doing considering where I am now in my life.
There as a group discussion with Destonians today about this point and all the points that were being opened up about this point was quite supportive in terms of me really being able to relate to them and starting to see that this experience that I was going through/having was/is in fact a belief, or a point that I am in fact able to Change about myself which even with all the support I have gotten thus far really still I experienced that this “me never getting anywhere in my life” is/was something that I was just going to have to live with. So in getting the support today in the discussion where I could see some of the different dimensions of this particular belief/experience that “me or my life will never get anywhere” I decided that I would take this point on more specifically within my own writings as a point to assist and support myself to get standing on my own 2 feet and actually Directing Myself, something that still as I write this seem like quite a task to be able to do to the degree of really feeling like I am actually directing and moving myself and my life effectively. Something that up to now just never seemed to work. So I will continue exploring this point in blogs to come.

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One thought on “I Will Never Accomplish Anything – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 305

  1. A point that helped me stop frustration was to realise that when I am frustrated, I was comparing myself to someone else, an idea of someone else I made up in my Mind. In this, when I stopped competing, I was more attentive to what I was doing.

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