Self Sustainable Fulfillment – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 301

 Here I am continuing with the Self Corrective Statements from the Self Forgiveness walked in relation to the point I started opening up the other day about my experience of “general disappointment”

When and as I see myself thinking about that “being successful will make my life better” I stop and I breathe. I realize that I have the tendency to blame my job for my experience of myself as if “my job is the problem” And then also going into desiring ‘success’ some future point that I have constructed within my mind like a point/place where I will have ‘arrived’ and thus be successful and I see that I also go into this pictured desire of success and in this separating myself from the point of fulfillment where this point of fulfillment becomes completely separated from myself HERE as I have placed conditions on this from the perspective of judging and blaming my job for my experience of “lack of fulfillment  where I simply blame my job for this while simultaneously going into my imagination and imagining pictures and scenes of me being happy and successful and so have created the condition that My current life is the problem and my future life as seen in my imagination is the solution and so thus in a way have left myself NOWHERE and really separated myself from my Directive Will to actually LIVE Self Fulfillment within my life. So,
I commit myself to assist and support myself to take responsibility for my own Fulfillment wihtin my life realizing that I am completely responsible for this point in my life and that thus it is within my Hands to Direct/Walk/Live, and so I commit myself to no more accept and allow myself to blame my job or current situation for my “lack of fulfillment” as I see/realize/understand that I am the one to is responsible for ME and who I have become as the experience of me and that I tend to blame/project my inner experience of unsettledness or emptiness or frustration outwards onto/into my environment where I will end up for instance blaming my Job as being the reason for my experience of myself instead of Realizing that it is NOT my job, but ME, and so I commit myself to assist and support myself to within realizing that I am Responsible for my experience to direct myself within self change exploring how to move myself from out of “LACK” of Fulfillment to Self Fulfillment and Satisfaction where here I explore how I am able to simply move myself in each moment in ways that assist and support me to CHANGE my Living Behaviors, Patterns, Acceptances that has created this experience within me of emptiness and lack of fulfillment.
When and as I see myself participating with the thought that “working harder is how I will correct my life” I stop and I breathe. I realize that I at times take this statement out of context and in a way manipulate myself with such a statement because I realize that this statement is not entirely true, though have not clarified for myself nor aligned this statement to be one of support instead of self manipulation. I realize that Discipline must be a part of my life in terms of developing/walking/Living this aspect of myself effectively daily to assist and support myself in my process. I see that there is most often always room for me in my life to become more specific, refined and Self Willed in terms of willing myself to move/direct me in and as the physical.
I see also that I have in the past avoided working/going to work because I did not want to go, then found some way to justify it to make it look like or seem legitimate  when really within this context I did not want to ‘work hard
I commit myself to stop listening to my back-chat about working hard which ends up with me coming up with some clever excuse in my back-chat to justify why I am not going to work, and so I commit myself to when it comes to “working hard” to push for Self Honesty and Critical Common Sense reasoning based in what would actually be the best to walk within the context of LIVING SELF RESPONSIBILITY  and thus then doing that, and within this, I Commit myself to Align myself to and making SELF RESPONSIBILITY the “determining factor” within my life as My Starting Point of how I live, walk, direct myself and participate within my life.


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