DO MY PART – Self Responsibility – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 299

Here I am continuing with the Self Forgiveness and also moving into the self corrective statements from the previous blogs

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to ‘argue for my limitations’ from the perspective of finding and arguing for my justifications and excuses as to why my life is the way it is and thus why my dissatisfaction is the way it is instead of stopping my justifications, my arguing for my limitations, and aligning myself to Practical Self Responsibility where each day I do the things necessary to support the manifestation of my world into one in the image and likeness of Practical Responsibility and Living where for instance I do the necessary tasks to ensure I pay my bills on time, I do the necessary tasks to ensure I am stable in the system with regards to money, I do the necessary tasks that ensure I am educating myself effectively in a way where I am able to Take Responsibility For Myself and My Life and thus doing my part within the system to Live in a way that is Best for ALL in taking practical responsibility for the world we have created and thus ending the abuse and atrocities and suffering and dysfunctions of the system that have occurred as a result of neglect, a result of arguing for our limitations and finding reasons and justifications WHY our lives are the way they are and thus the dissatisfaction of our lives is the way it is, and so thus, I commit myself to assist and support myself to Direct and Move myself Daily in my Practical Responsibilities that is HERE right in front of me within my world as the things that I must do to keep my life and my world Practically Functional in an Effective way to facilitate a Functional Life in the image and likeness of Responsibility where I make Decisions based on my Starting Point of RESPONSIBILITY FIRST.
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to only go so far with my practical responsibilities where I eventually reach a point where I stop and wipe my hands and say “there I have done enough” or “I can’t handle no more” and from this statement return to my previous way of Life and Living of and as Neglect, Ignorance, and Hiding and Avoiding Organizing and Living my Life in Practical Responsible way.
I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to Live in a Practical Responsible way, and at the same time wondering why my life is not working, yet not actually really Effectively Living Practical Responsibility as the Ethos and Substance of my LIFE – Practical Living within the Context of Equality and Oneness and What is Best for ALL.
I see/realize/understand that this ‘state’ of ‘prolonged reactions’ was/is related to a dissatisfaction that emerged within my life. A Dissatisfaction that “My Life is Not Working”. Now, this statement of “My Life is Not Working”, I see that who is responsible for my life but me, and so I commit myself to Assist and Support and Will myself to apply myself DAILY within my Practical Responsibilities so that I do not end up weeks or months or years down the road with this same Dissatisfaction emerging within myself/ within my life resultant from me actually NOT taking care of my Practical Responsibilities Daily with Consistency done in a way that actually have an impact/measurable visible result on my life. And so I commit myself to PUSH and WILL Myself within my Practical Responsibilities such as ensuring I am stable within the context of earning money, creating this as a foundation for myself in the system as I see/realize/understand that My Responsibility as a Human on Earth is to Do My Part to Take RESPONSIBILITY for what we have created as this Life consisting as this messed up world of MTV Education, Income Inequality, Poverty  War, Mass Suffering, Prolific Mental Health Problems, Excess Consumption of Anti-Depressants, Race Wars, Economic Slavery, Crushing Student Loan Debts, etc…And so I commit myself to DO MY PART and START Living SELF RESPONSIBILITY within my own Life and clean up this mess we created first with starting with myself and Cleaning up me and the messes of my own Life, essentially Re-Aligning my Priorities of my Life so to ensure I am Living as a Practically Self Responsible Human which IS NOT JUST WORDS but is measurable in the Functionality and Stability and Consistency there in, of my own LIFE, for the rest of my life on earth, as common sensically this is the least I can do as a Human Being wanting to Show myself that I really do value myself and value ALL life.

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