FREE COFFEE Its not what it seems – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 268

How Free Products create an Ignorant Population – Problem-Solution-Reward 


Today I was having a discussion about how products or things that are Free actually distort the individuals perception of themselves and reality in terms of how things actually are where for instance a free product is implying that something came from nothing or that for instance someone is actually able to “get something for free” when the actual truth of reality is that this is not how it works at all but that every action/movement/thought etc of an individual is actually accounted for and has a direct relationship and outflow consequence within reality. Though our current form of Capitalism grossly distort this law of the physical and TEACHES the individual that “something can come from nothing” or also simply facilitating a disassociation of the actual process that created a product because every product took a certain amount of labour and time and effort and thus IS NEVER FREE. So by having products for free we are sending a message to ourselves essentially that completely disregard the actual truth of that product and how it came into existence. To me I can also see how this “disassociation” plays a role in our “ABILITY” as a species to bomb, murder, and kill other people with NO REGARD what so ever, because we have lost touch with the actual connection so to speak we have with others and everything that is here just as we have no connection with the process of a product that we buy but that we just buy at the price it is and if we can get a good deal, great! Thus we have become the ingnorant consumer. So this is one way in how our current version of capitalism that promote FREE stuff as good distorts our understanding and perception of reality in how it really works, ultimately creating a human that is able to abuse the planet, animals, each other, themselves and still being able to sleep at night as if everything is fine.

I am going tell a story here now of a personal experience I had in how offering free products actually caused me to abuse my body just to get the free product. And you can look for yourself to see if you have ever experienced anything like this.

So I was going to my regular coffee shop where I normally go to get coffee and there was a promotion on where I could get a large coffee for the price of a small! “Cool”, I thought. So I this time around went to the large latte and paid only the price of the small. What is interesting here is that I usually get a small size because I find that that is all I drink. That if I get a large that it is actually to much for my body and I feel shitty if I drink to much and I really have to force it down. So what I see here is that in this situation I went for the FREE upgrade because I wanted to “save money” or “get the deal” but all I did was drink more than I should have and feel shitty after because I had to much coffee. So getting the FREE product became more important than Supporting my physical body in common sense. So this is merely another example of how our society as consumer culture is not designed to support ourselves to develop self awareness and common sense about ourselves and how our reality really works. It is designed around profit and greed and in essence promote a kind of disregard for self awareness or how things really work where this is all abandoned where finding a great deal becomes the point of focus.

The next time I went to the counter I just stuck with the small size.


So with Equal Money Capitalism there will be no such thing as “free stuff” because nothing is actually free, somewhere along the line someone is paying for it with their time and labour. Thus in equal money capitalism the cost of a product will actually be in direction relationship with the time/labour it took to produce it.

Here is a link to a blog within which the point of “free stuff” is discussed.
Day 162: EQUAL MONEY CAPITALISM – The Way Forward

Here is great link “The Story of Stuff” informing us of the process a product goes through within its creation


The rewards within a system such as Equal Money Capitalism is really a much more Self Aware, better informed, not to mention conscientious individual as they are now much more understanding the flow-out/consequences of their actions as this process is now actually considered within the fundamental functioning of the governing system at large, something that currently is being ignored and thus it would make sense that the individual within such a system would also ignore such a point.
I mean now when I walk up to the counter to purchase a yummy latte I won’t be asking myself “what is the best deal” but “what would best support me/my body”
So then this would also imply a much more heal conscious population as well both within ones mental considerations as well as ones physical body as individuals learn to actually become self aware of their body and the relationship certain foods have with their bodies.
One other reward is basically just that It will be Awesome!

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