SECURE DRIVING with Equal Money Capitalism – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 255 (Part 1-3)


ROADS_HighwayHere I am continuing with a series of blogs exploring the various problems-solutions-rewards in changing our current dysfunctional capitalistic system to a highly functional Capitalism based on Equality with Equal Money Capitalism. Today I am going to start looking at the point of driving and transportation.

Current Problem 

Dangerous Transportation Conditions.

With this blog I am going to take a look at a “Dangerous Transportation Conditions” as one of the current Problems existing today within our System. I am all to familiar with these such conditions as I have faced such dangerous conditions a few times in recent years, within this seeing how no human being should have to be put through such an experience as it is certainly not cool, and also bot necessary.

The Average price of a new car in the US in 2012 was $30,000 (

According to Wikipedia 2010 statistics on personal income report that 48% of individuals in the United States, age 15 and over had an income of LESS than 25k.  That is nearly HALF the population making less than the AVERAGE cost of a new car.

Another interesting report from states that the average age of a car on the road today in the US is going up and now sit at an approximate age of 10.8 years

My Car is 14 years old (…is car years the same as dog years? lol)

So obviously people are not buying new cars outright cash unless you are in the top percentile of money earners which is a very small number so likely you will have to get a car on credit or you will simply have to buy a used car either on credit or just paying cash outright – Having savings or a chunk of extra cash just kicking around is also not very likely into todays economic climate. Realistically you may not end up with the most reliable model you would like, but at least you will have a car to get you to your job each day.

Now I am not saying there is a problem with buying used cars. In fact within a System like Equal Money Capitalism cars will be built to actually last much longer so that we do not have to keep churning out cars that after 14 years on the road you might as well be driving in your own coffin!

So the point I am bringing through here is the kinds of situations that our current system creates in terms of creating Dangerous Transportation Conditions. On a few occasions in recent years…and by ‘a few’ I mean ONE is already to many…on a few occasions I was in a situation where I was “forced” to drive vehicles that I did not really trust in terms of their stability or safety on the road, but after looking at my options which were really…there were none, I went with Driving an unsafe vehicle simply “hoping” it does not break down. So this is not a cool experience driving 100mph down a highway with that awareness that something could go wrong with your vehicle because for instance it is an older model that you are also unable to afford to keep it well repaired due to the high expense of car repair these days.

So often times I will have a problem with my vehicle (which is not an uncommon event with cars beyond 10 years which is average age of cars on the road today in the US) but that I end up waiting instead of taking the vehicle in to have it checked out because I simply do not have the money which end up causing allot of unnecessary deterioration and damage on the car instead of just having the problem checked out straight away, and so have found in a few occasions I am driving around in an unsafe vehicle which I will reason with myself is better than no vehicle. Ultimately this should not even be a choice that an individual have. An individual should simply always have a safe reliable vehicle and your safety should not boil down to how much money you make. This is only one way the current capitalistic system is actually creating the environment for Dangerous Transportation Conditions.

Other factors to consider is the heaviness of traffic related to our current rat race work week time-frame where you have everyone cramming into the roadways during the certain hours, not to mention with the incentive of rushing home to squeeze out as much “time to themselves” they can get after spending all day at work. And I will also briefly mention here ALCOHOL which is the leading cause of vehicle collisions making up of 48 percent the total crashes. . Alcohol, obviously a key component of our current system, keeping the people happy and giving them a way to “relax” having to deal with our current system day in and day out.  And of course I will also add here road rage or distraction also being linked to the stresses of living in a System where you are fighting for your life everyday trying to put food on the table for you and your family in a System that DOESN’T care whether you do so or not.

Ok so there is a brief look at “Dangerous Transportation Conditions” as one of the Many problems/symptoms of a currently “broken” Application of Capitalism. I will in my next blog look at some of the Solutions within and as an Equality Based Capitalistic System as examples of how to actually Correct our Current Living Application of Capitalism so it actually function in an effective way that is Best for ALL that is the goal of Equal Money Capitalism.

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